No Rite Aid pharmacy in Florida

Thank you Rick, Shoshanna and Joy for your information. Rite Aid does provide insulin pump insulin charges under Medicare Part B. However there are two conditions - first it is up to the individual pharmacy to execute the Medicare billing and second they do not mail order so you need to go to the Rite Aid store to pick it up. That would be no problem but unfortunately there are no Rite Aid locations in Florida.

Hi Susan, I live in Florida too. This is just a suggestion. I don’t know. I’ve been lucky cause my doctor gives me my insulin but have you called the mail order places?

What does Medicare say when you call them?

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CVS, Target and Safeway.



Renka, unfortunately Medicare is almost totally useless. I've spoken with 3 agents, none of whom knew that insulin is considered part of the pump DME under Medicare. So I had to educate them. Then I've spoken with 2 different managers who were also clueless. When I questioned them they had no idea of any supplier that is billing insulin to Part B. In addition all they could say was that the suppliers are pigs and over pricing the insulin. They were not aware that Medicare only 60% of the cost of the insulin to the suppliers. I strongly feel that when Medicare promotes a benefit that it is their responsibility to make sure that it works easily for seniors. Susan