Non D daughter having a weird day

Once again, kids with Type 1 can “go bad fast.” Insurance or no (and isn’t everyone required to have health insurance or pay a tax penalty?) I’d take her to see a physician sooner rather than later. Eating a whole lot and not gaining weight is not a good sign. Be sure to follow up with Trial Net ASAP. Testing positive for 2 or more antibodies means a child will inevitably progress to develop Type 1 diabetes.

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I feel for your concern.

160 is not terribly alarming. But as rgcainmd says, it does bear watching given the family history.

If she was my daughter I’d be feeding her lower carb (and particularly lower sweets / candies/ bread/ pasta - the stuff that quickly converts into sugar), and plenty of healthy fats, proteins and vegetables.

This is actually what I feed both my daughters (7 and 4 yo). My 7 yo has had higher than normal blood sugars in the past (actually similar to your daughter), but things seem not to have progressed (my theory is that at the time she had recently been treated with steroids for acute asthma attack and that was possibly the trigger for high sugars that seem to have settled down - her last a1c was 5.6 which did concern me as high for a child - and I do want to do a repeat - but I’m not going to do a blood draw just for that at this point. I test her blood sugar from time to time now and usually she’s in the low 100s). She eats like a horse, but she’s also physically active and obviously growing… so the overall picture seems ok.

I would keep monitoring her from time to time and see when and how you could fit her in for check out, given all the ongoing concerns. Sooner than later if you see something worrying.

if you are interested you can look into the type1grit group. They manage their kids with low carb approach which seems to help a lot in keeping things stable and growth on track. Though of course, this is just one of several possible approaches.

Hugs! You are not a freakout mum. You are just a wonderful MUM, looking out for your kids.

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