(Slightly) elevated blood sugars in undiagnosed child

Hi everyone,
My husband is T1. My two year old daughter is in the TrialNet program and did test negative for autoantibodies last year. However, she’s had a very rough past year including three hospitalizations for asthma and other illnesses that didn’t require hospitalizations.

In any case, she has always struggled with gaining weight. More so recently. So, a few weeks ago, I tested her blood sugar on a whim and it was 240 mg/dL. I immediately took her to her GP. When they were finally able to see her, she was down to 120 and sent us home.

Fast forward to her latest TrialNet blood draw a week ago. I talked to the research nurse and she said to test her fasting three times (they were all normal: 70, 74, 90) and two hours post-prandial (189, 170, 138). The nurse said that the numbers seemed normal and that although she’d ask the doctor about them, we’d really just have to wait for the autoantibody tests to come back.

I tested her post meal again tonight and she was 173. I checked the meter against myself and it was 93 (I’m not diabetic).

Something doesn’t feel right but it seems like we can’t do anything about it except wait. Has anyone been through this?


It sounds like your daughter is developing diabetes of some type.
In people without diabetes, blood sugars are nearly always < 120.
In children, normal blood sugars can be lower than that for adults.

The post prandial readings you are getting for your daughter are not normal.
I would be wanting to get her in to see a pediatric endocrinologist as soon as possible.
I would also continue to monitor her sugars.

I would be having her and the whole family (so she is not being treated differently), eating low carb (plenty of healthy fats, non-starchy veges, full fat unsweetened dairy, plenty of protein.

My 7 year old has intermittently high blood sugars - also in the 180s after eating lots of carbs - this has been going on for years now… We did see a pediatric endocrinologist, but she just wanted us to keep monitoring. We all eat low carb now and she doesn’t seem to be progressing, though we will be doing another hba1c on her when I next have a reason to get blood drawn, and I do keep an eye on her.

Another thought. Is she on steroids for asthma? Steroids can cause very high blood sugars, even in people without diabetes, and can sometime precipitate diabetes…

She is on Qvar, though the nurse who runs the TrialNet study said that it shouldn’t cause blood sugar to be high. She has been on prednisone in the past, though, but even at that point we didn’t see blood sugars this high.

My husband and I talked about this last night and we’ve both kind of accepted that we are probably going to have a daughter that ends up having T1. We can’t figure out any other way to explain having that high of a blood sugar two hours after eating. We’re relieved that her fasting is normal, though, but it’s even more confusing to us.

If she’s to develop T1, I guess is the family to do it in. We’ve got years of experience. It’s just overwhelming at the moment and I’d just like certain answers, you know?

The pediatric endocrinologist the TrialNet nurse works with/for said that he’ll see us when the results from the blood draw come back in about 4 weeks, unless we test her blood sugar and it’s out of ADA ranges (greater than 100 fasting, greater than 200 random).