Non Invasive CGM may be available soon

Here's a link to an advertisement for a new type of CGM

This new device has to be in contact with the skin but does not have to pierce the skin. It talks to a smart phone or computer to display readings via a bluetooth wireless connection. Accuracy is supposed to be comparable to current CGM's. According to the company's website the device should be available this year.

Looking at their website, theres no way I’ll ever be able to afford that. It looks really cool, but they say “You will spend less for the HG1-c than the cost of performing approximately three finger stick tests per day over four years.”

k so thats $3 a day over 4 years 3x365x4= $4380

I really wish people would look into bringing the cost down on this type of technology. I feel like I’m already stuck in the past without a pump…

Like, not ready for prime time. They mention CE clearance in Europe, but not a word on how they’re doing with the FDA. They have no e-mail address to ask questions. The product will not be cheap, and the comparison with 3 fingersticks a day is meaningless, because if they have no more accuracy than current CGMs, then you will have to do fingersticks in order to treat, anyway. Nice try, but no buy.

Sort of related: The Echo cgm thingy is still moving forward. Starting clinical trials soon it appears… i wish they’d hurry up. I rarely even notice my sensor anymore, but a more accurate and non-invasive system would be neat.

Also, browsing the website, I see they recently filed SEC papers to start the process of raising up to $75Mil in capital funding and mention leasing new manufacturing facilities and tooling for production use, etc. Sounds like they are lining up their ducks, so to speak…

I’d put my money on one of these as the first breakthrough for non invasive. One even speculates a cost of $500 to $800 for the machine without needing financially draining supplies.…

The only thing that bothers me is the clinical trials needed for approval. This should be cut and dry for christ sakes. How many tests need to be confirmed for accuracy before they agree its accurate? It really shouldn’t take that long for approval but with the FDA its like they are trying prolong our misery.

I like that there is a company that is trying to develop a non-invasive CGM, but pragmatically, it does not look that easy to wear. From the pictures on their website it looks like you have to wear this gigantic thing wrapped around your stomach in order to keep the CGM on. So, what you gain from non-invasiveness you lose from having something wrapped around you all day? No thanks, I’ll stick to my small Dexcom, thank you very much. For me, the Dex is only minimally painful at insertion, and then I never feel it, so I’m not really attracted by the non-invasive thing at the moment. If they could figure out some way to work the CGM into some Spanx, then maybe I’d be persuaded. . . :slight_smile:

It’s the bluetooth connection to a smartphone that attracts me to this item. But it does look cumbersome to wear.


Thanks MossDog, sounds as if it will be the first one available. Though I don’t find it attractive, hopefully it will pave the way for more/faster FDA approvals for non-invasive CGMs. Gotta start somewhere!

Sounds like a great idea. $500 is expensive for a deposit. I’ll wait for the competition to drive the cost down.

I agree about the giant thing wrapper not being the most comfy looking thing. I was thinking it would be easier to tape it down with the Flexfix Opsite Tape, although that stuff is pretty hairy and I’d worry about destroying the gizmo. I agree $4K is a bit much unless it’s covered by insurance which seems somewhat unlikely? If it doesn’t have inserter needles, even the $4K might be cheap compared to the long-term prospects of CGM needles, particularly the MM CGMs that only last a week or 4 days or 5 days or whatever they last these days?

I think you are right AR talking about the cost. Even if you are generous and say the MM sensor will last 7 days at $40 a pop. That is 4052 weeks/year4 years = $8,320 for MM sensors. This makes the assumption that the new device would be good for 4 years. If the device was only good for 2 years or so then it would be closer to the cost of regular sensors. If they did the 6 months deal that are currently going as the warranty for a transmitter then this would be far more as far as cost. There is basically no way to speculate the cost without more info but it SEEMS that it could be cheaper than current CGMS.

I agree with you statement! I would be fine if they would allow the device to market with the same constraints as other GCM’s (meaning you still need to draw blood). Then after a year on the market and more data they can revisit getting the additional approval. As a paranoid parent I still get up with my daughter at 1 or 2 am to check her sugar with this I might trust an alarm.

One more comment…if this works…then we need to develop a way to adminstor insulin without it hurting.

I’m not sure that everyone considers insulin as “hurting”? Shots didn’t bother me that much. BG flying all over the place bothers me a lot more.