Not about diabetes

winter storm blew in from the north, we live right on the north end of the island so when storms roll in from the north we are right there on the bow of the boat so to speak. sounded pretty violent out side could’t see anything except salt spray as it hit the windows. no lights just the wood stove for heat and the wind can find all the little holes in the house one that I can’t find when I look for them in the summer. we do not often think about how far north we are in the seattle area. sure did get a reminder this last week three days without electricity. did not spend much time thinking about or dealing with being diabetic. I am glad that my diabetes wasn’t demanding, not sure what I would have done, dealt with it, that’s what we all do. whatever that means in the right now. father had a stroke on the other side of the country, emergency flights and gastropresis vomitting car accidents, kids in jail or the hospital dog has cancer on and on life keeps on sending us trials and treats and whatever is happening we are diabetic sometimes the immediacy of other parts of life let us take maybe only a short break from thinking about it.the internet has been weird since my machine my wifes and our neighbor and our friends as well,finally found a thing I really like and for a time this morning I couldn’t get here and it made me really frustrated in a way that I am not very familiar with because I haveeeenot wanted or needed to do anything with them. so thanks to tudiabetes for a new kind of frustration glad to be back glad to have electricity glad that we don’t live under a bridge or worse. peace and thank you to all of you that make this site I had NO idea how badly I needed just such a place