Not diabetes related - 9/11, 7 years later

Part of my commute to work every day is going through the WTC site to get to the path train. Being a creature of habit, I went that way today when I should have taken an alternate route. I rode the subway next to a couple of people who were on their way to the memorial service … one had lost a brother, the other a sister. As I listened to each of them tell the story of the loved one they had lost 7 years ago, I stood there biting my lip, taking a lot of effort not to cry for them. To hear how these 2 families were distraught and their lives changed forever just broke my heart. And that is just 2 families … there are thousands more just like them, going through the very same thing. Then walking down Vesey street, directly beside the site itself, I got goosebumps. Not from a chill of the wind blowing but from the very thought of what was going on in that exact spot 7 years ago. Then I felt angry at everyone around me … for the fact that there are people in this world that would do something that horrific to each other! Needless to say I am in a very solemn state of mind today.

Today, many of us are reflecting about a day that rocked our world like none other. My path to work at that time was either the F train to the A/C at West 4th Street, or New Jersey Transit to PATH to WTC – depending on where I was the previous night. I never made it in to work that day, but that day, and the days and weeks that followed, affected me profoundly.