Not diagnosed but super high ketones

Hi I just tried the keto low carb diet for last 6 weeks and bought a keto breath meter, my ketones are always above 7, anywhere between 7 and 10 and also high in urine. I have been having symptoms like fatigue and pins and needles for quite a while.I have booked to see Dr but does anyone have any advice on what tests I could request. I have PCOS so think I definitely have insulin resistance. I dont know whether to stay on keto diet or stop until I have more info. Any advice be appreciated

I think you should should let your doctor do the usual adult lab testing. Asking for an A1C also. That will include your kidney and liver functions, electrolytes etc. discuss with him what testing he is ordering so you can address your own medical concerns. Have you ever had thyroid testing. Are you diagnosed with diabetes? Then go from those results. I am not sure how keto low carb affects things. Welcome to the group. Nancy50

Welcome to our board - Keto and other low carb diets and really any diet that keeps you away from sugar, which includes all the white stuff like bread, rice, as well as sodas (non-diet) are great for the health and will not be sending your keytones into the 7-10 range. I use a ketomojo meter on my low carb diet and test my keytones once a week and they are normally in the 1.5-3.5 mmol range. Your keytone range is downright scary and extremely dangerous.

You need to see a doctor now!!! They will do a fasting glucose test and an A1C and most likely a whole host of other tests. If you don’t want to go to the doctor today, at least go to the pharmacy and get a cheap Contour One Next glucose meter and test your blood glucose. My guess is that your blood sugar is through the roof (Over 225 mg/dL)

Don’t mix up ketosis which is what you get on a low carb and keto diet and perfectly healthy, with ketoacidosis which is the range you are in if your readings are accurate and highly deadly.

We are not doctors here and can’t give you medical advice, but please check your blood glucose immediately and if above 225 go to ER or call 911 if unable. Don’t mess with high keytones!!! They will kill you if not attended to promptly.


C-Peptide - how much insulin your making
GAD65 - antibodies related to type 1 diabetes
IA-2 - antibodies related to type 1 diabetes
A1C - average blood sugar for last 60-90 days

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Roo how are you doing? Nancy50