Ketones with normal blood sugar?

Im on a low carb diet right now and have been mostly since i attempted to get my type 2 under control with out meds, I just took my sugar and it was 95, i ate an very low carb meal at 8PM and had 5 potato chips as a snack. But i tested urin and it had trace Ketones! Is this normal? Should i be doing something about this or is this ok for low carb and normal BS?

I have had that happen before. For me, if I lose weight I can throw ketones. I have been told by my Dr. that it is not unusual if you lose weight; have normal sugars and throw ketones, but I would let your Dr. know and ask his or her opinion. I am a Type 1 though.


Ok, ill try to call them tomorrow, i have been losing weight. I tested the other day when i had a cold and i was negative.

I think I have had less than 30g carbs today.

Just had a bag of pop corn and some weat thins and my ketones are moderate but bs is 95, I should say I’m on atkins diet.

Probably not enough carbs…not that I should say that since I have had days with that low of carbs as well. Have you dropped some weight from the low carb diet?

As others said, trace ketones can occur with low carb dieting. If you ever experience large ketones, this should be alarming though.

Wow, now I’m freaking out a bit, I’m going to drink a beer or 2 and a gallon of water and eat some more weat thins. I’m going to try to relax. I added it up befor the pop corn I must have had only 3 or 4 carbs today. Humm.

Nothing to freak out about. Ketones are a normal occurrence when the body is using stored fat for energy, which means weight loss. Any reason you were testing for ketones when your BG was fine?

Only time to be concerned is when ketones are high in the presence of high BG. Then drink lots of water & keep checking since you’re not on meds. Eating low carb will not cause high ketones.

I was sick for a few days so I wanted to test to make sure. But I got better. Last night after some food and the beers the ketones went away. When I woke up today I had a trace amount and a sugar of 95. I’m going to add a few more carbs today and see how it goes. I’m going to call the dr’s office tomorrow.

Did not call DR yet, but i have noticed that i have ketons only at the end of my day. I work at night so i wake up around 2PM, no ketones then but when im home around 1AM like just tonight, i have moderate ketones and my BS just now was 130, i had some food around 12AM, some Mc Nuggets, cheese and a few (5 corn chips). For lunch i had a egg foo yong, later a snack of some deli meats a few times and some nuts. Im thinking around 20-30 grams of carbs today.

I’ve followed a low carb diet for some time and my experience is that ketones are a natural thing. You should only be concerned about ketones occuring when you have an elevated blood sugar (> 250 mg/dl). Ketones are generated when your body burns fat, it converts the fat to ketone bodies which are then burned by your muscles. That is how you lose body fat. That is the only way you lose body fat. It is entirely natural. I generate trace ketones when I eat less than 100 g carbs/day, pretty much all the time on a low carb diet. It comes and goes. After exercise, I’ll have a surge in ketones, not surprising, I’m burning fat. The fact that your ketones dissappear at times when you eat is natural. Don’t get yourself all worked up over the ketones, it is natural. You don’t freak out when you sweat, don’t worry about the ketones. Personally, I use ketostix to test for ketones as a positive thing, it means my low carb diet is working.