Not sure what I've been doing right. Physical labor? Meditation?

I was diagnosed type 1 in 1961. Now that I’m 61, I decided to try on-line communities. I live in a rural area and only know one type 2. The support group I tried a few years ago spent too much time making themselves depressed. tudiabetes seems lively.

I’m a very poor example of a regulated diabetic. However, I’ve had only minor complications so far. I attribute it to the fact that I did physical labor in a warehouse for years and to meditation. No other way to explain it.

In 1961 we tested our urine in test tubes, used glass syringes and metal needles. I regularly forgot that the syringes and needles were in a pot boiling on the stove and ruined them. The metal needles got blunter with each use.
When I was diagnosed, the doctor told my mother and I that if I was very careful I might make it to age 60. I crossed that finish line.

I’m not a good candidate for a pump, but the pens and Breeze2 are miracles as far as I’m concerned. In fact, being alive and well is a pretty good miracle.
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Welcome! There’s actually a good discussion going on about our individual timelines that you might want to take part in:

One more year until you’re officially a “gold medalist!” Congrats!

Oh, I’m with you on the Breeze2’s! They’re awesome, in my book, too! :))) Wish I could afford those strips, right now.

My doctor is fighting with my new insurance company right now about covering them. My former company did cover them. Frustrating!

Wow, congratulations on crossing that 60 mark! Whew and I though the guillotine finger pricker was bad in the 80s! glass syringes and metal needles sounds pretty tough. Glad to have you here and hope to keep your spirits high. =^)

Congrats on making it past 60 in spite of everything, and welcome to Tudiabetes!

Got any tips for us D “youngins”? :slight_smile:

Keep living an interesting life so that you really WANT to live. Everything else will fall into place.

Wow… that’s probably one of the best pieces of advice anyone has ever given me. lol Thanks!

I agree with Lizmari, great advice! Thank you!

LOL I got the guillotine finger pricker when I was diagoned in 93. It really took them that long to figure out how brutal the contraption looked???

I guess so! Man that thing was horrible! Wait… I got mine in 85/86 so that means they used it for another 7+ years! Wow, that thing still sends horrifies me!

check it out!

Geez. Why not stick your finger under an electric stapler?

Welcome to TuDiabetes!

Thats awesome. My motto is “get busy living or get busy dieing.” I try to remind my self to do the first part as often as I can. =^)

Its what they used to give you in the hospital!

I forgot about that thing. It must be in the running for 1st prize for poorest design in modern medicine!

I’m not going to go for the Medal. I’m not kidding when I say I’m not sure what I’m doing right. I don’t follow much of a diet and only take tests once in a while. I take four shots a day - Humolog and Lantus - but that’s about it. I know that part of my brain is always focused on how I feel, but that is not really accurate most of the time. I assume the Medal is to acknowledge people who take close care of their illness. I’m a poor example. Like someone who smokes four packs a day and lives to be 96.

Hi Alice,
This might be a good reason to go for it.