Not wanting to wear dex

Kennedy just stopped wearing her dex!

I am distraught, and I am not sure if she will go back and pick up her frequent bg as she was doing predex,

itchy is the main problem, and she also has her first boyfriend.

any other t1's out there think there could be a correlation? First boyfriend and not wanting to have the plastic thingy on your stomach all the time?

I dreaded this day, I knew it was coming, but I just hoped she would see the benefits of it.

We've tried claritin and zyrtec for the itchiness, local mometasone from nasonex, anyone else have tips?

I’m sorry. I have no tips for you since I don’t wear a pump and am a type 2 on metformin for the meantime. Teens have their own minds. It’s tough letting them exert their independence especially since she has diabetes. I hope she realizes the benefits to wearing the dex soon as it seems like she was getting lots of help from it. I am dreading the teen years (I have two little ones).

That's a tough situation. I wear my Dex everyday and would feel lost without it. Of course there's a correlation between the body self-image of an adolescent and wearing a device that very few in her cohort even understand. Adolescents want to blend in with their social peers, not differ in any way. Your daughter knows your values. Let's hope that she will reconsider her choice. I'm sorry I don't have any advice.

I went through a period in high school where I didn’t want any of my boy friends knowing about my diabetes. I went out of my way to hide all of my supplies from suitors. I knew at the time it was wrong but I let my teenage vanity shadow what was right. It took me a couple of years to learn that the guy worth waiting for would never care about the disease and in turn help me control it. It has never gotten in the way intimately because I became confident about it. I met my husband 7 yrs ago in high school and he is part of the best support group for me. If it helps I wear my pump on my gluteus where my jeans hide the site. In addition, my site only itches when too much scar tissue build up or there is already scar tissue at my injection site. I hope this helps and is coming from someone who has been through it all!

My son is now 13 weeks old and I haven't consistently worn the cgm for 12 weeks. It is just one more thing demanding my attention and I just needed a break. Sure, I think there could be a correlation. But it just might be that she needed a break and is old enough to do something about it. Hang in there, mama. You are doing a great job!

I would suggest that she wear it behind her arm in the triceps area. I find this is the best place to keep it out of the way and you can’t see it if a person were looking at you even if you were completely naked unless looking at you from behind.

I know all the sensor companies tell you abdomen only, but thaw arms work great. She may need help inserting it at first.

I think it is a good compromise to get her to wear it and minimize her body image issue.

yes... put out on the back of her arm, or above the kidney.

doesn't itch there, less noticeable, works accurately.

I have been dx'ed at age 17 and started to wear the dex at age 54. I have to admit that before wearing the dex I felt like a normal person, not a diabetic. I injected only twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed. I cannot imagine dating with the doohickey attached. Today, not wearing a CGM is considered irresponsible. For the first 10 years of my life as a diabetic I not even had BG strips, just urine strips. If your daughter's A1C is OK I would not worry too much. She will start wearing the dex when she gets pregnant (I realize that I am not helping).

Not really, a lot of people beg and plead for CGMs and can't get them out of their insurance companies or can't afford them. You can still get a decent used car for what a CGM costs, not to mention the ongoing "car payment" for sensors!!

I’m 34 and I have been diabetic since 10 . I do wear a pump but I do not have a cgm nor do I want one . I test at least 5-10 times a day . My vision is perfect
And I do not have any complications . So if your daughter doesn’t want to wear one its not gonna hurt her , just make sure she tests her bloodsugar no less than 6 times a day

thanks so much! She does have a little boyfriend who is a sweetheart. his mom told me he came running out of the theatre asking for a coke right away, she didn;t realize it at the time, but he ran out to get a coke for her becuase she had used up all her glucose tablets! After two hideous days without the dex, she decided to put it back on again, I didn't say anything, I wanted it to be her decision!

thanks! congrats on the baby!

Ok great we will try that!

ok yes on the " haunch" area another good site to try she really hasn't even worn her pods there yet!

no you are helping with the incredible perspective! her last a1c was 7.5 still within range, but I am dreading this next visit.

no less than 6 is a good rule, I think, initially when we started on the pump and she was having lots of highs and lows she was testing more like 8 to 10 times a day. Glad to hear you are doing so well!

I think also the dry winter has something to do with it I just dont rememer hearing about itchinness over the summer and she was swimming every day, pretty much!

I had the itchyness, and this stuff has helped a lot: I put a layer on (with a hole in it), then put the sensor, and then put another layer on top. I ride it for as long as it will stay accurate.

I'm having some body image stuff with me and my husband nowthat I have the dexcom and omnipod... I can say that there are certain parts of my body where the ugliness bothers me less, particularly, my thighs and in the back of my arms (the latter I think will only work during the winter). You mentioned somewhere that she always has it on her belly -- that's a guaranteed way to make me feel fat and ugly. Maybe try other sites? :)

I was going to say, if she is itching from the adhesive on the cgm maybe try some tegaderm underneath it