NSAID and Dexcom G5

I am new with Dexcom G5 and I know acetaminophen can raise the blood glucose readings on the sensor. Is the same true with Non steroidal anti-inflammatories like Motrin?

Motrin shouldn’t be any problem.

I have noticed some weird stuff with those as well sometimes as well as benedryl. I can’t be certain because there are other factors and it does that with no meds too.

Neither my wife or myself have trouble with readings on our G5’s when using Tylenol. Go figure. I guess some folks chemistry is “different”. For example, I can take (years ago) 12 benadryl per day and not get sleepy. When I told the allergist that, he was shocked. Recently, due to knee surgery, I tried 3 different popular pain killers (percocet, norco, and finally, dilaudid), and none of them had any effect on my pain levels. Here’s one more example–I was recently given a rx for 5 mg Ambien, which didn’t work. Then I was prescribed the stronger one, 10 mg. Still doesn’t do much to help me sleep. With luck, I can get 5-6 hours of sleep with the 10’s. Like I said, we are all different, so if you need acetaminophen, give it a try–it may not wreak havoc on your G5 readings.