Numbing alcohol swabs, a nice change

Today at the store while picking up my needles the store had a sale on numbing alcohol swabs. I’ve heard of them but never used them. I thought what the heck, they were on sale so I bought a box. I was plesantly suprised on how well they work. During my evening shot after dinner I gave them a try. I really liked them! They actually worked. Not a bad product. I think I’ll continue to use them. Although I don’t really feel pain during injection sometimes it can pinch a bit. These swabs numbed me so well I felt nothing a all. This is a product that’s worth a try! I got the store brand and they were only two dollars! Regular three dollars, not bad. I just wanted to share this product with you all because I liked it so much. Give it a try.

I’ve never heard os such a thing…but will look on my next visit. Thanks for posting!

Yes do look into it! Its really a nice product! It has benzocaine for pain relief mixed into the alcohol! Its simply called alcohol swabs with benzocaine for pain relief. I purchased the generic store brand and they work like a charm! I’m glad I could help! I think you will like it very much! I was truely suprised at how well they work! It makes it very nice. We have to take these shots a few tiimes a day and we might as well make it as plesant as possiable! I will continue to buy them from now on! I found them at rite aide. Rite aide has there own generic brand! I was also suprised at the low cost! This product is really worth a try!

Doesn’t alcohol dry out your skin? My tummy already feels pretty rough from all the shots and I put lotion on it. Seems like the alcohol would make it worse.

No I’ve never had a problem with dry skin or alcohol drying out my skin. I just go in a small circular motion where I’m giving the injection and use the swab that way. But no, its never been a problem for me. I do use lotion after bath and maybe that helps. I always rotate my injection sites so I also think that helps. The alochol on the swab is so minimumal I don’t think it would be a problem. Its never been for me. I use it with every injection! No dry skin problems.

I have tried these and it seems to help enough to worth the extra 75 cents here in my area.

I agree the product is worth it! And like you said the cost is only like 75 cents more! Anything to make a more plesant injection is pretty cool espically when its only two dollars!