NutraSystem D = Diarrhea

So I am mad at them.
They have a website where you can enroll in their diet plan.
However, should you want to cancel - there is no web or email options. You have to speak to one of their high pressure councillors. People professionally trained in customer retention, and prepaired to make you feel a failure should you want to quit.

So you want to know the details of the diet?

Yes, I lost 40 pounds.

But was it worth it?

How does the food taste? Terrible. Akin to the smell of dog food - but loaded with salt and carbs. It's really bad - and the only way I could eat it was to over power the dog food taste with tabasco sauce - no lie.

For the money - they send you a months worth of food - but you still need to supply about 1/2 the diet with fresh veggies and leafy stuff. So this is an expensive diet - in hard times. I indulged in it for three months - but frankly it's an indulgence we can no longer afford.

Which brings me to their cancellation policies.

I am sorry - but if you take new customers over the web - they should be able to leave over the web.

Some of my customers were in the customer retention business - and that is the slimy evil secret of NutraSystem. They know they will lose you as a customer.

Be it you can't take the taste of the food.

Or the diarrhea from the sudden high fiber content of their food.

Or the lackluster weight loss.

But for what ever reason you decide to cancel - it should be as easy and joining.

* I have sent *10* emails letting them know I am quitting - and yet the refuse.

* They insist I call them - but I refuse. I know how their people are trained - and I am not a failure - I am just poor. I do not want their high pressure tactics - I want to quit - and it should not be humiliating.

And yet they make it so.

So I am here to warn others - if you join NutraSystem, be ready for a fight should you want to leave.

I hear Richard Simmons personally calls his customers. That is a matter entirely different. This is plain harassment. And I will not indulge in it.

I refuse to call - I have emailed and indicated over the web that I am leaving them.

And I am doing it here as well.

They are creeps.

And should burn in hell.

Did realize you have to supplement what they give you. Good to know. Won’t try it.

Yeah… this is just how I suspected it was going to be… So I just never tried it. Anything processed is rarely healthy, and these ‘diet’ meals have so much salt, and sugar for flavor and preservation, it’s not even funny… ironic, that that didn’t even help their flavor. lol

Come to think of it, dog food is probably 100% more nutritionally balanced than NutriSystem. Think about it… So much science goes into the development of pet foods, so that pets don’t gain weight or get sick, so easily. lol

Ouch - I’ve always been abit wary of places that sell “diet plans”. Again, like you, I’m not loaded with $$$‘s, so just plod along the old fashioned way, slow loss of weight, but in the long run IMHO a better way to lose. Thanks for giving others that may be tempted to join the warning! Sorry that you’re having to go thru’ all this BS with them.