Occlusion Alarm

So I had an Occlusion alarm. I thought it was odd since I changed the gear the day before. I was in the middle of a bolus. I ignored the alarm and then gave myself the rest of the bolus. No alarm this time!

Has this happened to anybody? Is anybody worried about possible faulty alarms? Would you have just changed your gear anyway?

This is my general plan:

I'll prime the tube with a few units to make sure that's not the issue. If the site is <2 days old, I just "resume" the pump and make a new bolus to finish the rest. If I have a second alarm, or if the site is older, I just change it regardless. I've had a few more alarms than usual in the last month or two, but it's still too few to say if that's a growing trend or just some bad luck.

I’ve had 2 alarms in the 6 mos. I’ve had this pump, both in the middle of a bolus. I, too, completed the bolus and didn’t have another alarm. I think my tubing may have kinked or been pinched during delivery.

This pump appears to be extra sensitive to potential occlusions. I usually test the line and if okay resume the insulin....only on a rare instance have I had to change out.

Pumping over a year without an alarm. Am using novolog. What rapid are you using? Aphidra is not recommended as it was not tested and seems to cause occlusion.