OCD and Diabetes

I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. the pump is easy: "set it and forget it" but there are a lot of features.

would doing a pen regimen be better or worse for someone who is OCD? i'm 27, like to talk it up with girls, but hate explaining my pump to them. it seems like a turn-off when they see the tubing.

i feel like "taking a shot" is more understandable to others than wearing a machine. also, i might be more strict with my diet. the pump is good for people who enjoy food, but after having been introduced to low-carb, food just isn't that big of a deal to me.

my brother says pens are worth a try. i see an endo in august. just wondering what you guys thought.

people understand diabetes, right? i had a friend (girl) who took shots and i never saw her supplies. she tried the pump and hated it.

would i have to carry a bunch of food with me? just tell me what you guys think. i have had diabetes since 1994. pumping since 2001. tried the omni pod but didn't work in arms or thighs.

Cocheze, I have OCD as well. In fact, you would've loved seeing the Excel spreadsheet I used for a few months after my dx! It tracked every single item about my new life, and it was great. (I finally burned out on keeping it.)

I found your post because I'm considering moving back to MDI from the pump. I've worn one for almost three years now, but never had the experience of someone being turned off by any part of it. In fact, no one ever even notices it! Are you absolutely sure that girls are getting turned off?

In any case, your present and future health is the most important thing, of course. If you go back to MDI and have less control, I hope you'll return to the pump in a heartbeat!

The huge advantages of the pump are all the calculations it does, plus the fact it keeps a history. That's the one thing I'll miss in spades. But I'm willing to try it for a while to see how it affects my numbers and my comfort level.

As for carrying food with you, I have no idea why that would changed. All diabetics should carry snacks, no matter what.