Odd Numbers

I’ve noticed a pattern the last three days that is odd. I’m a LADA and at lunch I have a I:C ratio of 1:12 and dinner is 1:17. The last three days using that ratio I was high 2 hours after lunch which is unusual (165, 207 and 164). The 207 was a final effort to see if I could tolerate fruit, yogurt and granola which I definitely can’t, but the 165 and 164 made no sense. Then for dinner on those days I ended up low! (55, 59 and 58). Again unusual for me. I’ve heard of crashing after highs but I wasn’t low before dinner (76,81 and 80) I just went down after eating. Any ideas?


Hi Zoe!

If your body is still producing insulin, then those highs can cause lows later.

If you are experiencing highs 2 hours after eating, but your blood sugar is normal before dinner, then it seems that you are giving the right amount of insulin, but it is just taking too long to bring your blood sugar down.

One solution is to give your insulin earlier and wait 10-15 minutes before eating. Many people find that this makes a big difference. For me, it is the only way to stay below 200 after a meal. Click here for some tips on early bolusing.

Thanks, Kristin.Yes, I’m still producing insulin, though not a lot, so I guess that explains the high/low pattern.

I take Apidra and I do generally wait 15 minutes before I eat, the only exception being if I am lowish before the meal.

Maybe it’s just a LADA “thang”!