Odd things happen

I have upped my exercise to try to shift some more weight. I have plenty to shift. I checked BG before doing an hour in the gym 5.0(90) . After the gym I walked 2 1/2 miles through a local nature reseve in 50 minutes. Had a coffee with my group in the pub. Bg now 5.8 (104.4).
Had a snack lunch of Crispbread with a little Brie cheese and some lettuce. Did some housework.
cooked steak and runner beans for dinner. When husband came home from work.
Started to feel unwell and went to bed early. During the night suffered a vicious bout of vomiting. Felt better in the morning BG 6.4 (115.2) so probably not an infection. Stayed in bed until 9:00. Husband had left for work. Went downstairs about 9:15 to check on dogs and make a cup of tea BG now 4.5 (81)
Have eaten 1 crispbread and will check BG later. Feeling much better, but didn’t go to the gym this morning.