Off Meds

Has anyone had experence with being taken off meds for T2 Diabetic?
I was on a half of tablet of Metformin for the last 6 months. Two weeks ago my Doc took me off because i was doing well. Since that time i noticed that in the morning i run around 112 to about 135. I run most days and have to take a day off here and there due work or something that pops up.



I came across this blog a while ago - thought you might be interested.

Congrats, Jim on your achievements. Did you ask your doctor though if fasting 112-135 is good? Thanks for the blog Megan. I’m reading up on it. I’ve been doing much better with my BG and hope to one day be off of Metformin as well. I noticed that it helps with postprandial (first hour) a lot for me more so than fasting blood glucose, which tends to stay in the same 90-110 range with or without Metformin, it’s odd. No matter what I eat or don’t eat the night before, I can’t ever get a fasting blodo glucose in the 80’s, which is the normal range.

HI Kat.
I have not spoken to my doc since she took me off. It has been a few weeks since I am have been off and I am monitoring my response to not being on Metformin in a detailed manner so I have some history to review…

This morning I was up at 5am and I was 100 when I tested. I went for a forty min run and tested out 142 an hour after my run… So than I ate 39 grams of crabs (hot cereal) and was 95 three hours later. but some time i go as low as 65 as well. It was for being so low overnight(1-3) and than higher in the morning( 5am +) that I have been only taking half of a tablet( doc’s direction) for about six months.