Official Freestyle Libre app released

In Sweden at least. I just got an email from Abbott saying that they are now officially launching the app called “LibreLink”. It is currently only available for Android phones with NFC (Apple’s NFC chip is still locked only for Apple Pay) and they are offering a free sensor if you choose to answer 4 questions after 1 month of app use. I have, of course, accepted to do it… now I just have to dig out an Android phone somewhere.
The app uses the same algorithm as the original reader, i.e. the readings are supposed to be the same. There are sharing possibilities, trend, previous 8 hours of readings. When using this app, one can also use the reader simultaneously, but the sensor needs to be started by the reader.

Feel free to google translate below text (Swe):

Bäste FreeStyle Libre användare,

Nu ökar vi mervärdet ytterligare kring FreeStyle Libre och lanserar gratis-appen LibreLink¹.

Nu finns möjligheten för dig som använder FreeStyle Libre systemet och Android-telefon att ladda ner gratis-appen LibreLink på Google Play.
Då har du har möjligheten att välja appen, avläsaren eller båda² för att skanna din sensor
•Se ditt aktuella glukosvärde, en trendpil som indikerar åt vilket håll det är på väg och 8 timmars glukoshistorik.
•Se rapporter om dina glukosmönster och trender.
•Dela rapporterna med din läkare eller diabetessköterska från din Android-telefon.

För att kunna skanna din FreeStyle Libre sensor med både avläsare och app är det viktigt att du startar din nya sensor med avläsaren först och därefter skannar sensorn med LibreLink appen inom 60 minuter.

Thanks for this notice! I use Freestyle Libre FGM sensors, which a friend sends me from Sweden. (Actually I just returned from a week’s visit and brought a few myself this time.)

Until now I have been scanning with the unofficial Glimp app. It works great, but I’d be interested in trying out the official Abbott one too with my Google Nexus. I hope it has English-language menus since I don’t know Swedish though. :slight_smile:

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I haven’t tested the app itself, but I have read through their webpage and as far as I can see, the language alternatives are, similar to the reader, Swedish and English.
You can use any VPN service to connect with a Swedish IP and download it from the Swedish play store.
I will probably start using it within next 10 days, once my G5 transmitter expires and throughout the summer, but I do not know if I will stick to the app or if I will use the reader as the reader has a stronger NFC chip that easily reads through a thick winter jacket, while my Samsung S6 that I used before my last iphone was a pain with its weak NFC.
If you get the opportunity to test it, please let me know how it works for you. Make sure that you activate the sensor with the reader, and then read it of with the phone within the first hour. In that case you will be able to use both the phone and the reader. Otherwise you will be bound to only one device.

I actually never purchased a reader since I had no interest in carrying around another device.

Otherwise, if I do manage to test the app, I will definitely share my experience with you here.