Oh baby, indeed!

So, my period was due last Wednesday (3/9/11) and Friday evening I took one test, then a second, then I took a thired on Saturday morning…and all said I was pregnant!!!

I called my high risk ob/gyn Monday morning before they opened and have my first prenatal appt on the 29th!!

I am so excited and scared and all of those crazy feelings! :slight_smile: Managing the BGs has posed a bit of a problem, as I have yet to have many lows at all…mostly, I have had to increase my basal rate a bit and really restrict my carbs to about 80-100 a day. I tried to do that pre-baby, but would splurge a bit at times…but not so much now. I hope the insulin resistance goes down a bit.

I started the Ping pump about a week and a half before conception…so I know the timing wasn’t ideal because I have barely gotten used to the pump at all…but after having T1 for 15 years, I’m not afraid of aggressive treatment of my BGs.

So yea!!! While it doesn’t yet feel totally real to me yet, I am totally preggers! :slight_smile:

congratulations!!! So exciting!
Your gyno will probably ask you to increase your carb intake, but my recommendation is for the first 8 weeks (you’re already probably 4 weeks pregnant) that you focus on tight BG control because the baby is developing it’s organs right now.

Good luck to you! Can’t wait to hear more good news!

I’m type 1 for 13 years and 20 weeks with our first baby- just found it out it’s a girl!! :slight_smile:

Congrats!!! Keep us posted. I was a seasoned pumper when I got pregnant, but I had just started on the Omnipod (a new system for me) two weeks before I got pregnant. You’ll have so many new experiences in the coming weeks that you can just consider it all trial by fire as you get used to being a pumper and a prego!

Thank you so much! And congratulations on your pregnancy as well!

I am prepared for the “increase your carb” speech…I hear it all the time, but as my endo once told me, nutritionists are often one trick ponies. Stick with what works! :slight_smile:

What an exciting time this is…scary, but exciting! :slight_smile:

Thank you! Trial by fire seems like the exact way this is shaping up! But it is all ok…I have picked up the basics pretty quickly and have tinkered with it a bit…so I feel more comfortable and confident with it, so that is good. I have lots of time to learn more later. Right now I want the best insulin coverage it can provide, which really does appear to be the way to go in comparison to MDI…at least for me.

Congrats Beth!