Ok another question for pump users

I know I am being a pain in the butt here, but when I got my shipment of supplies, they sent me two different lengths of tubing so I could decide which one I like better. Right now I have the 43 hooked up. I was wondering how you guys handle the excess tubing?
And also I started pumping on my own last night and I have been between 93 and 138 ever since I started. Tonight I started to drop to fast and I was able to catch it and do a reduced basal at 50% for 2 hours and was able to stop the drop and I didn’t have to eat any sugar or carbs to correct it. I absolutely love the pump.

My pump lives in my bra pretty much all day every day. I clip it on the band in front between the girls and then wind up the excess 23 in tubing and stick it in the cup or in the band on the side. When it’s not in my bra, it’s usually in a pocket or clipped to a waist band, so I just shove the excess in my pants.

Ha, my tubing always gets to 2nd or 3rd base! Ok, sorry, that was bad.

lol on the 2nd or 3rd base.
Thanks for the information.

I prefer the longer tubing. I’m quite tall, and when one is getting dressed, it’s nice to toss the pump onto the bed, for instance, without it giving a good tug on the infusion set. Also, sometimes I put the infusion set in my upper arm, and the longer tubing can be snaked down my back, under my bra, then around my waist so that the pump can be tucked into a pocket. Sometimes I wear the pump in a leg garter under a dress, and again, the longer tubing is great if I have quite a ways to run the line to whereever I’ve put the infusion set.

I just coil the extra line into a small coil and tuck it into my bra or panties or garter. No probs.