Okay, so now what?

I am at a crosspoint here folks!
I have been going a bit low despite the lack of exercise I am doing.
I have recently sorta switched to an Atkins Induction diet (but with ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS)
I barely take any Novo Rapid insulin. (In fact, I had to throw away 3/4 of my vial last month.
I am waking up with BG of 125 in the morning, but I am going down to >75 during the day. If I test at that level, I am hesistant to take the 1 unit of Novo Rapid. I am mostly afraid of going hypo.
I feel the blood sugar crash, but when I test, I am coming up at 75, maybe 80.
I don’t have an endo yet, the waiting list is attrocious…
And I can’t get a pen that has half units, so I am stuck taking full units.

Here are my numbers:
Levemir ~20 u before bedtime. (If I go low in the morning, I lower it by 2 units, if I am high in the morning, I up it by 2 units.)
Novorapid with each meal, with the carb ratios like so:
B: 6:1, L: 7:1, D 8:1 (I am guessing that means at breakfast I am taking 1 unit for 6 g carbs and so on…)

What do you all think of this?

Wow, even writing this was making me nervous. LOL. I had a blood sugar crash which also resulted in a panic attack. Gotta love that!

It’s hard to know if you are really low, or if you are just feeling a bit odd, since you have not caught yourself at a number that is actually LOW. I’d be quite happy with numbers in the 70s and 80s . . .

Hey Frances, thanks for the reply! I think it is more an anxiety issue maybe. I have felt what it is like to go down to 42 before, so I am cool. I think it is more about accepting the 70’s and 80s as “normal.”

maybe since your doing the Induction part of Adkins, maybe you should add in a few more veggies.
I have been doing Atkins for yrs, and I go up and down with the carbs, but not over 40.
Today I had 2 All protein meals and by 2 this afternnon< i felt weak and thought I was fally BS low, I took my Bs and it said 125. I ignored it and ate a few things, jello and coolwhip and then a Swiss Sf choclate drink with some heavey cream, I finally felt better. I don’t do to good with so low of carbs. I feel low and I like you hate that feeling, its spooky sitting around and waiting for it, just cause you feel it coming sooner than later.

Hope you get things figured out:)