OM5 PDM won’t charge

I have a problem. I am traveling, and I brought two USB-C charging cords and two different charging blocks but none of them will charge my PDM. It does have a USB-C connector, doesn’t it? These cords are USB-C on both ends. Does the cord need to be USB-A (the big connector) on one end?

Yes the stock cord that came with it is USB-C on the end that plugs into the PDM and USB-A on the end that plugs into your power source. There are converter plugs with female end USB-C and male end USB-A, sounds like one of those would work for you.


It’s crazy. I bought a new -A to -C cord, and it works, but I thought all of those things were pretty standard. What’s different about A to C as opposed to C to C? Omnipod support didn’t even know what would work. I went to an ATT store across the street and found the oldest Android on display and plugged its cord into my PDF and it worked. The cords on newer Androids did not.

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I’m guessing the problem is whatever you’re plugging the other end into. These things all have minimum power requirements, and it sounds like you’re just not getting enough juice through the line to register on the device.

I don’t have experience with the O5, but it’s been a common complaint with charging Tandem pumps from weak backup battery chargers, or even weak power bricks.

You might find that you do actually get extremely slow charging, though, even if the display isn’t indicating you are.

Are you staying in a hotel? They ALWAYS have chargers behind the desk because so many people leave them behind and don’t want to pay shipping to have them returned. They should let you borrow one if you ask.


Yeah, I checked at the desk. They just recently cleared them all out. It did not charge overnight with the power brick and cord I was using but charhes fine with the same brick and the new cord. Go figure.