Omni Pod or Medtronic minimed paradigm?

I met with my diabetic educator last week and we decided that I will start using an insulin pump to manage my diabetes (because I’m NOT in control). What do you all suggest? I am 21 years old, I will be attending college in NYC this January. I would like to go out on the weekends and have a couple drinks with my friends, wear nice clothes and all that good stuff? What do you think will be less noticeable for me? Do you think I should start with tubing because I’ve never had a pump and then maybe ease my way into the omni pod. I need to decide by Tuesday which form to fill out for which pump I choose. Any thoughts?

yay how exciting!
medtronic I reckon :slight_smile:

Is Animas not an option for you? I use a MM 722 pump right now, but once it’s out of warranty (another year), I’m switching to the Animas ping.

I’m 22, about to finish college, went out on the weekends, dressed up occasionally, all with the Minimed. I find it is pretty easy (in most cases) to work the pump into my clothes. You can stick it in a pocket, leg strap, bra, or just clip it to your jeans. I got a demo of the omnipod and wore it for a day and didn’t feel like I could work it into what I wore. Yes, minimed paradigm definitely gets annoying at times, but I think any model pump you get would have it’s annoyances. I like how, even though there is tubing with minimed, at least I could hide it where I needed it hid. Seems like the omnipod, for the days you have it stuck to one place, would show there no matter what. You couldn’t just stick it in your bra and have it be invisible.

Anyways, I rambled a little bit…Hope it helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!!!

I think it would be less noticable. with the omnipod you would have the bump while with the medtronic you can clip the pump to any piece of clothing and can even get leg straps for it with a remote control to bolus so if doesn’t come into view.
but then again I don’t know the exact size of the omnipod coz we cant get them in aus but I’m guessing there pretty big?
but I find my MM easy to disguise, heaps of my friends don’t even know I have one

This is also true for me!! When Dexcom CGMS and Animas become integrated I am going to consider switching. But I imagine the same things about a pump with tubing (like what I said below about MM pump) apply compared to the omnipod. But I LOVE the meter remote thing. Then I wouldn’t have to reach into my shirt to bolus anymore…haha

That’s exactly why I want it, too. Sure, I have the remote for my MM722, but it doesn’t let me use the bolus wizard. I’m constantly pulling the thing out of my bra, which always leads to the inevitable “I have diabetes” discussion.

Also, I really like Animas’s integrated food database. It seems like they’re making more consistent improvements, while MM pretty much stays the same.

I wore the Medtronic in college and wear the Omnipod now. (I’m 30 now.) Either is a great choice. I don’t understand those who say one will be more noticeable than the other. I have always been able to discreetly hide either. The pod is undetectable under 90% of my clothing, as was the Medtronic, though you had to make sure you could conceal the pager and the tubing, so you needed a good pocket or a good bra.

You might try attaching a free demo pod on your body. Some people find the size to be bothersome and prefer a smaller infusion site even if it means having tubing.

I have only used a MM 722, but I love the idea of having a remote to control my boluses, so I think that would be a great option because you can pretty much hide the pump and not let it get in the way of your nice clothes and outfits.

Hi Kristen- I’m 19 and in college. I started with the MiniMed and was unsatisfied with customer service, the necessity to remove the thing when showering, the bulkiness, etc. The list goes on an on. I switched to the oPod in early September and would never go back to anything else (injections or MM). I love the lack of tubing, the versitility for placement, and the freedom to get dressed in the morning without having to worry where i’m going to clip my pump (during and after getting dressed). The oPod works best with my lifestyle, but MM may work best with other lifestyles. I would not get MM just because you think you ought to start with tubing. No way Jose. Best of luck!

they only way is to get a demo of both and see which one you like.

Ditto Melissa. I’m also on the OmniPod, and unless I’m wearing it on my arm (where it would either stick out from tight sleeves or be visible with short sleeves), I’ve had no problems concealing it when I wear it on my tummy or lower back.

I haven’t used a traditional pump though, so I can’t compare the two, but it seems most people don’t have problems hiding them.

I wear the omnipod and i think it gives you little more freedom and dont have to hide the tubing… also when you sleep, you dont have to bring the contoller(pdm) with you…like the tubing you have to sleep with a controller and tubing… Also you dont have to be eased into the omnipod… What ever one you pick you will be trained how to use…
Good Luck…

As others said, you really need to try each one to decide what works best for you. It is such a personal thing, and everyone is different.

I started on the Omnipod in November of last year, and switched to MM after 3 months. I had way too many alarms(and unlike other pumps, there is no ‘vibrate’ option or alarm sound option with the Omnipod…it is very loud), and just didn’t feel it was reliable for me.

I have had a much better experience with MM. The pump and tubing do not bother me at all. I just put it in my pocket usually, and I will say, no one notices it. You figure out tricks on where to put the pump as time goes on. Like at work, if I can’t use my pocket, I use my dress sock. Again, out of sight.

I would call the reps out for each company, and see what you think!