Insulin pumps

Hey Guys…

Just had a few questions about insulin pumps…I am in the process of trying to get my Endo to prescribe me a pump and I am starting to do some research into different pumps…Anyone have any suggestions on what pumps to look at…Thanks for the help…


medtronic minimed all the way!

I’ve heard good things about the Omnipod. Its worth investigating the different pumps around, I think there is a group just for pumps too on here

I have a Minimed 722, and I’m pretty happy with it, although I’m already investigating other pumps for when this one’s warranty expires in 2 years

no one on this site has any opinions about pumps…


Medtronic! But as Dave said, go and call the companies and get demos and talk with the reps. They all do the same thing, but the features may be what sells it for you.

Go team Omni!

I’m going with Omni pod also!!!

I started a pump a little more than a year ago. I began with a MiniMed 722 and just switched to the OmniPod two weeks ago. I love the tubelessness :slight_smile: It all depends on your lifestyle/preferences/comfort with companies’ customer service, etc. I would add to Dave’s suggestion of requesting MM and Animas demos to also talk to oPod.

Best of luck, Curtis!


I am looking at the Ping and Omnipod. It is a big decision. I have nothing to offer but saying good luck and I wish you the best.

I love the animas ping. Second choice would be minimed. Both good choices but I love my ping of course more. Like Dave said everybody is going to say there’s is the best but you have to choose what is best for you. Explore your options and see which one fits your life better. Ping fit mine better. It’s remote makes my bolusing a breeze. Make sure you get them to send info packets to you and their virtual demo kit. Check out animas at

I use MM 722 and have no issues with mine so far and have been very happy with it. I started with Omnipod but traded it in on the MM. As others have said I would try demos if possible ( I didn’t b/c I was sold on the Omnipod already b/c of the tubeless feature but wish I had). My Endo at the time recommended MM over the Omnipod. I had constant problems with Omnipod and that is why I chose to switch to MM. You will find many people here who love the Omnipod too and don’t seem to have many or any problems with it. So bottom line is pick what fits your particular needs/wants best and what features are most important to you. This is a great place to get info on pumps and peoples experiences using them! I wish I had this site before starting the pump.I think I would have been much better informed and prepared before starting/ choosing one! Good luck with whichever one you choose!! :slight_smile: