Omni pod? YES or NO

my son mark was diagnosed with type 1 in april at the age of 9. we are currently doing the NPH and Humalog shots in the morning before breakfast and in the evening before dinner. we thought it was an ok option at the time because he really didn’t have to do anything in school except check his bg before lunch. Now that he is on less of a schedule we are begin to see how restrictive this method is. We would like to get the omnipod but are unsure if it would be the right option for an active 9 year old. Any info one way or the other would be very helpful.


I have an active 7 year old, and the omnipod was a fantastic choice for both him and me! He loves to put the pod on and forget it ! I love the ease and how intuitive it is. Request a sample pod! It is free to wear one and see if he likes it !

We have not regretted it, and wouldn’t switch if we could!

Check out the group (parents of kids with type 1) there are several small children younger than 9 that use the pod and love it…
Also the group for omnipod users may help as well…

I am 24 and love my pod, wouldnt change it for the world

and like Betty said vist and order a free trial pod to wear…

good luck

thank you for your reply. i was wondering how long your 7 year old has been on it? also have you ever had any complications with it? if yes what did you do? i am just a little nervous about switching. although anything would be better than making sure he eats a certain amount of carbs at a specific time! anything else you can tell me about it and the process of switching would be great.
Thanks again,

thank you Linzie, i ordered the pod already, waiting for it…

Buy the book " pumping insulin" by John walsh.

Read it cover to cover and you will not regret it. That book is worth it’s weight in gold.

The inital doses will be given to you by the endo/ cde.

You will want to know how to adjust them safely and how to run the tests that need to happen to keep your son in range.
My son has Been using the pod for about a year, like all pumps there is a learning curve. The omnipod is well worth ghe initial learning curve.
Read that book if you do nothing else . Every page is important. For us the omnipod was an amazing tool in out arsenal of tools in keeping him happy and healthy.
Good luck and you can always send me a message if there are specific questions!

You should check out the great videos by Lorraine and Caleb, who is about Mark’s age and using the OmniPod. Click here.

Omnipod would not be my first choice in a pump, mainly because it does not keep track of food boluses in insulin on board, only tracks correction boluses. Since Novolog lasts four and-a-half hours, my niece needs to track her meal boluses. Also there was an issue with bad pods (they have resolved the issue) but there were pod failures over a four-month period, I think. The pods are now manufactured in China; not thrilled about that. Do love the design and wireless feature, but, again, the profile of what would be on her body – Omnipod, to me, looks too large and egg-shaped. Height of pod too high (they are reducing the size of the pods and will release the smaller pods shortly). Yes, our pump is larger, but the part that goes on her body (infusion set) is smalll. Those are just personal opinions. A lot of kids wear the Omni-Pod and love it. I have read very few complaints about the Omni-Pod and I’m sure it’s a good pump. Everyone has their own reasons for chosing a specific brand. P.S. I am thrilled with the new Solo micropump by Medingo, but it is not yet on the market. Will be soon. Thin and small profile, I think (have yet to see an actual Solo pump). Minimed is also going to release a tubeless pump, but who knows when they will release it.

Hi Dad of Mark :slight_smile:

Caleb has been using the OmniPod for over 2 years. He is now 6 and a half and is indeed active. We have been very happy with the OmniPod. He has not used any other pump, so I cannot compare, but would be happy to share our experiences and tell you what we like and what we would like to see improved.