Omnipod 5 IOB Readings

Anyone besides me occasionally getting suspicious IOB readings on their Omnipod 5s? Case in point: This morning I woke up around 6:00. BG was 145 and I prepared to take a small bolus to head off a dawn rise. At that time, my Omnipod 5 reported my IOB as 1.2 and recommend a zero bolus for a BG of 145. Neither number looked right so I rebooted and this time my Omnipod 5 reported my IOB as zero and recommended a bolus of .45 for a BG of 145 (which seemed right). Haven’t yet called Insulet on this but I will after hearing back from the community. Thank you.


If you look under History Detail at Auto Events, you’ll be able to see the size of the 5 minute microboluses it was giving you. The insulin on board probably accurately reflected those extra infusions above your baseline basal insulin.
Whether you think that amount of extra insulin on board was sufficient to correct your 145 glucose is a separate question. You can always override and give yourself a bolus even if the algorithm thinks you’ll come down without it. I give myself a small bolus when I get up even if my glucose is perfectly fine because I know my “feet on the floor” will get my blood sugar going up even if I don’t eat anything.

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Absolutely correct, at least for people like us. I’ll get up most mornings between 80 and 90, and within an hour I will be at 140 with no carbs. If I sleep in past 5:30, I will wake up at 140 - 150. The Omnipod shows micro boluses in log, but it is all but useless. The Omnipod is so “nerfed” by the FDA, that it is essentially unable to cope with this rise in BG without a bolus.

My Endo is always asking WHY she sees all of the 5 and 8 gram carb boluses throughout the day, and over and over I have to explain that the Omnipod algorithm is just not aggressive enough to keep me where I want to be. I don’t want to be at 120 - I like to be around 90 during the day, and the Omnipod just isn’t allowed to automatically do that. I am still holding on, hoping that future releases will allow us more control, but with the FDA involved, not too likely.

I’m new to Omnipod, and the algorithm is a mystery to me. Do you know if it makes a difference whether you put in phantom carbs (the 5 and 8 grams your doctor is noticing) or whether you just do an override bolus?
I tend to do an override bolus, but does that make it pull back more later or does insulin on board=insulin on board whatever the source ie carb bolus or override bolus?

Honestly, I have found no rhyme or reason to it, but have not really invested much time into cataloging and working over the data.