Omnipod and the bad publicity

I am about to be a pumper in about 3 weeks and most likely will be going with the ping. However I am curious about all the bad publicity lately about the omnipod. Does anyone know if it is fact or fiction, when it comes to the things being said about the pump not working right and pod failures. They are having so many failures and having to replace so many that they are losing a lot of cash in the process. Does anyone know about this and if it is true or not?


I use the Omnipod, I have had issues nothing that couldn’t be fixed. I love the Omnipod and I hope they continue to strive because I don’t want to see them go.

i have been on the omnipod for 8 months and love it! publicity is exaggerated, whether good or bad. i love my omnipod and wouldn’t change it for anything! i’m so glad there is a range of pumps for everyone, because that means there’s something for everyone! i’ve had a couple pod failures, but nothing major. they do replace it at no cost, which means a little money lost…but at least they replace it! i heart my omnipod =)


Like any other group of pumpers, some of us who use the Omnipod have some issues. I have had very little problems using the Omnipod system.

Pods Falling Off: Some who have tried the omnipod have issues with it not sticking to their skin. This is not the case with me and many others. Some people can take a shower or bath and then easily pull it off. Not me. I have trouble getting it to come off. I have to soak it with De-Solv-It or Goo Gone before it will let go.
Some people have oiler skin, sweat more, are using the wrong kind of soap, or live in areas that the water is harder or softer than others…who knows why.

Occlusions: Some who use the Omnipod have many occlusions after insertion of the canula. One advantage of some of the other pumpers is that if they have that problem, they can change out the type of sets they use and insertion method. For us podders we only have the pod for our insertion. I have been using the Omnipod for six months and have only had one occlusion while inserting. Normally insertion is pain free.

Pump Failures: With all the other pumps, you have one pump for 3 to 4 years. I have read where even then some pumpers will go through 2 or 3 until they get one that works properly. This is a rare occurance for them and usually they use the first one shipped with no problems. The omnipod is mass produced. Each one is an insulin pump. And we wear it for three days and then put on another. Will there be a greater failure rate with the Omnipod? Certainly yes. Any third or fouth grade math student could tell you that. In six months I have had to send back 4 pods that the company replaces with no questions asked. It has not been a big deal. I have read posts from some podders that have gone through many out of a box of 10 that do not work correctly. I do not know the answer there. I can only tell you about my experience.

Waste: Is there alot of waste with Omnipod? Yes. We throw away 40 batteries a month as we dispose of our used pods. I wish as many others that there was a way to have a two part system where we could change out the reservior and battery and use the same pump multiple times. I am not an engineer nor do I play one on TV, so I have to trust that the company will decide on the best design for me as a customer and for the planet.

There are other problems that are universal to any pump such as poor absorption in some areas of the body, scar tissue, alarms and reminders, bolus calculations… No one will be 100% pleased 100% of the time.

If you’ll notice many people are very loyal to their pumps. And many like to pick on the new kid on the block. Are the stories exaggerated? Yes and No. The horror stories are real, but they are taking the horror stories of the few and making it seem like it’s the norm. Me and the new kid get along well and I take him everywhere I go. And I as well have become very loyal to my Omnipod. So if you have not already ordered your demo pod to wear around, give it a try.

Actually I did order the demo and it was comfortable. You know how it is when you are fixing to start pumping, you want to know what in the world is going on with these companies and if you’re making the right decision. I hope I am when it comes to the ping. My other choice was the pod because of the no tubes. I appreciate everybody for letting me know how everything is with it.

We have used the pod for 7 months and have never considered another pump.
For us it is amazing and have not had "bad"pods.
The Omnipod is a fantastic pump. We recommend it all the way!

My last pump was the MM and when it came time to think about switching my doctor suggested the omnipod for the automatic insertion. I had a lot of problems trying to change sites with the MM. I did open the Animas and Cozmo sites, but really went straight for the omnipod … after doing my research and all. I love the omnipod it is so easy to use and change sites! If it didn’t have the automatic insertion or other pumps did my search would have gone diferently. I agree that a first time pump buyer should look at all the choices. Is it true that two more pumps are going to be coming out on the market from Bayer, and Freestyle? Hope everyone is having a good day!

I started with the Omnipod in November. It started off great, easy to use, couldn’t be more happy…but I soon had nothing but issues.

My first PDM that I started with on pump start day sucked through batteries like there was no tomorrow. The batteries died every 6 hours. Insulet sent a new PDM to replace it.

The second PDM issue was my fault, dropped it in water…had to pay for a new one.

Third PDM issue was that it kept giving me errors. Eventually after the 8-9th time in two weeks, Insulet assumed it was a bad PDM and sent a new one.

Long story short, I had major issues with static. I tried everything. I wrapped the PDM in dryer sheets, I sprayed my clothes with static guard…nothing worked. I lost many, many pods to these failures. I, personally, lost faith in the system and its reliability for me(it would go off for absolutely no reason, and just so you know the alarm on the Pod and PDM is very, very loud). So I switched.

I have been on the MM now almost as long as I was on the Omnipod, and so far, it is night and day. I am much happier with how it is working for me.

That said, I do not think Omnipod is a bad pump, but it did not work out well for me. Others I know use it and absolutely love it. I think it is too new of a system, and they don’t have all their issues worked out.

It will be 2 years at the end of this month that Caleb was been using the OmniPod. We love it and would be very sad to lose it. We have occasional pump failures. The most significant of which was a static issue last winter (07/08). We haven’t had that issue once this winter. We get 3 days use out of many, many Pods. A failure is rare. Lo

Tubes for me was the deciding factor. I never looked at or really considered another pump brand. I thought I had reasonably good control with MDI. Now after being on the pod I see that was not good control at all.

If Insulet ever closes I will defintely go with a traditional pump with tubing. I hope it never happens.

Did I hear a rumor that one of the big companies is working on a similar “pod system”?

Omnipod was my first and only pump, it was also my only choice i would give myself. I did not at all like the tubing and the pod has none so i knew it was for me…

I <3 my pod

do you have some underlying fued with the omnipod? you seem to trash it all over every forum… if you haven’t used it yourself, why not let those who have give the facts?

this is not meant to be a personal criticism, just something I noticed and didn’t understand. why can’t we (different pumpers) get along =)

Dave, I’ll have to admit that I would probably strongly consider switching to the MM pod. My insurance will cover MM at 80/20. Since Insulet is “out of network” It’s a 60/40 deal for me. Until then, I’m going to keep my pod.

What does “AFAIK” stand for? I’m ignorant of much of the slang.

Googled it…

AFAIK= as far as I know

where is the manual for this stuff

though I’ve only had my pod for about 2 seeks I can say this:

  • It’s very easy to use
  • Being tubeless is wonderful, but occasionally I forget that it’s there and kock it around and the site gets tender
  • I’m able to eat smaller meals more often throughout the day
  • I use more than half of the insulin that I ws using with shots!

If Insulet were to ever go out of business, of course I would be extremely sad, but of course I would get another pump ASAP…

I don’t know if this is totally dumb, but I was thinking that maybe later down the road I should try a pump with tubing… I mean Me and Diabetes have to live with each other the rest of my life, so why not try out some more gadgets??

LOL I think that is why I have chosen the animas ping for myself is that I misplace things so much that I would be able to have a pdm plus a way on the pump to give my bolus. I think it is fascinating that mm might be coming out with a pod type pump. I don’t like the fact that I will have tubes. It feels a little scary for me right now. But I do think that the calorie king that is in the ping will help me with the carb counting. Hopefully at least.

Cathy,I am new to pumping myself and pretty young but there is one thing I have noticed on Tu.There are certain members who bully themselves around trying to push there pump on others and no matter what any one says they are always right.When my parents and the Dr brought up pumping with me they told me it was something we would all work figure out together.I had decided on a pump that is not longer for sale but after some time we all decided on the one I got. I guess what I am saying is dont let any one bully you around. This is something you need to feel good about.Dont let one person decide for you.

I will be honest, the idea of tubing scared me too. Especially coming from the Omnipod. My mom was even hesitant, and told me if I changed my mind, I had 45 days to return the MM and go back to the Pod.

My first thought was what I was going to do with all the tubing!

Once I was on the MM, I was hooked(no pun intended), and very, very happy with it. The tubing does not bother me at the least. I actually feel like there is less on me now, then I did with the Pod. I ride horses, and have dogs, and I was worried about the tubing in those situations…but no issues at all.

It really isn’t bad!

Let’s give the discussion back to Cathy.

l think there is some of the publicity is based on fact but has grown almost to the point of fiction.

After reading that last statement,from Mr.MM we can all laugh.