Omnipod apointment tomorrow

I everyone!
Tomorrow I meet with my CDE and a rep from omnipod to start up on my pump. I am not doing a saline trial, just going straight to insulin. Is there anything special I should bring besides a pod, the pdm, and test stips? What should I expect from this appointment? I believe they booked me for 2 to 2.5 hours..


I spent a lot of my pump install going "hmm, two tacos or 3 tacos?" I had 3 and was at 85 two hours later and loved it!! They'll pretty much go through everything on the pump and the whole sort of routine, here's your rates and ratios we've figured out but you have to try them and test a lot and keep track of everything. The Medtronic plan in 2008 had a SalesNurse who was really great for the first bit, in touch, email me whenever, etc. but, as soon as I figured it out, she disappeared, which was mildly disconcerting but I was so jazzed about it, I got over it!

Are you supposed to bring your own insulin?

That's a good question, they never mentioned that... I guess I will bring some, it can't hurt!