Omnipod Coverage with Insurance

Does anyone have trouble getting health insurance to cover the Omnipod system?

We have had a terrible time. Any suggestions and does anyone think Insulet is used to this? I haven’t seen a bill since we ordered in May 09.

Hi Erin, I haven’t had any problems, but as of January 1st, my insurance company has changed. Now we will have to see.
Are you getting the supplies? If so, then maybe your insurance is covering it 100% (like my prior company did). If you have not gotten supplies, call Insulet…they are very used to dealing with insurance companies. They have people that only deal with insurance companies all day long. Good Luck. The omnipod is one great device to manage diabetes.

Insulet is notoriously slow in their billing. I was covered without any problem initially with my old insurance but we have since changed to BCBS and I have a device specific deductable to meet. Insulet called me asking for $ before they’d send out my next shipment…that’s how I found out. They told me I had to deal with my insurance company. Your local Omnipod rep might be a good place to start.

hmmm we don’t have a local Omnipod rep in our remote area. But info. Thanks…