Omnipod Dash / Insulin effectiveness

Hi. I recently switched to the Omnipod Dash from the Classic. I’m finding I can’t go 72 hours with one pod. About 12 hours before it expires my blood sugar starts spiking. Is anyone else experiencing this issue with the Dash? I use Humalog.

I found that Humalog did not last as long in the pump as NovoLog.

Others have found this to be the case as well.
(By the way, in all of these references, Aspart is Novolog, and Lispro is Humalog. Sorry, that part is confusing.)

“Resistance towards isoelectric precipitation is highest for IAsp [insulin aspart], lowest for ILis [insulin lispro]"

“Aspart is the most compatible of the 3 RAIAs [rapid-acting insulin analogues] for pump use.”

“The overall adverse-effect score was significantly lower (P<0.005) with insulin aspart than with insulin lispro”

“Postprandial blood glucose was more stable with insulin aspart than insulin lispro”

“Daily insulin dose (units per kilogram) was significantly lower at week 16 for subjects treated with aspart compared with those treated with lispro”

Eric2, thanks for the great info. I’ve used Humalog in the pump for 19 years. It seems strange that it would suddenly become an issue, but I’m looking at all possibilities. I also wonder if my poor sleep habits are at fault. I ruled out the infusion site. Not much else to consider.


If you have been using it in a pump for that long, it is probably not the issue because you would have seen it before now. So probably something else.

I just wanted to post that in case you were either new to pumping or new to Humalog.

Thats a strange pattern you are seeing.
Can you remind me how Dash is different than Classic?

When you say ‘spiking,’ what are we talking about - 200 points? 50 points?

Can anyone see inside that goofy little window and tell if the catheter is properly inserted or if it got bumped loose ? You smell insulin or see any leakage?

Where ae you placing the pump on your body? Wondering if its getting knocked loose.

It is not very different except for the fact the PDM is a locked down Android and way cooler than the old clunky PDM. The pods are very similar. The technology is just different.

Spiking: I’m hitting 300 and corrections don’t bring it down unless I deliver way more insulin than should be needed. Then I send myself crashing. Not fun.

Catheter is inserted correctly. No leaking.

Not getting knocked out but I suspect I am too close to scar tissue (on abdomen). I am now wearing it on my upper thigh (first time) and I am back to normal at the moment. Here’s hoping I make it to 72 hours without issue this time.

I previously said I didn’t think it was the site. I changed my mind. :slight_smile:

Let us know how your upper thigh test goes.

It lasted just over 48 hours, about 52 hours. I noticed this behavior since I switched to Omnipod Dash but I didn’t think much of it at first. I don’t get why the Dash pods would behave differently since they are so similar. I’m waiting for a callback from my CDE. I want to get her opinion on switching to Novolog. I will probably call Insulet too. I hope it’s not the pods. It doesn’t seem likely though.

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It’s just a thought and I’m still on the older version of OmniPod, not Dash, but if you’re finding this to be a regular thing, it could be the box of pods you have are defective. I’ve had boxes of pods (10s and 5s both) have issues.

I’d check with OmniPod and if you have any of the pods which failed 12 hours before expiration, see if they want them back to examine them further.

Also, OmniPod, is very good at replacing pods which fail, so they will send you a replacement. They say they pay for the lost insulin, not at the actual cost though, but I have never received a check from them. You can ask about it though.

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The only issue with that is there is no evidence of failure. The insulin just seems to be weak on the 3rd day. I already called them. They weren’t helpful in this case.


I give up. Despite no errors or alarms, there has to be something wrong with this lot. I changed the pod tonight and it didn’t work at all. I’m coming down from a 330 high because of it. It’s as if I didn’t have it on at all. I used a syringe to get to 290, so far. I’ll be calling them in the morning. Grrrr.

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Colleen, I use the Omnipod, but not the Dash. I have found that my pod is only 100% effective for the first TWO days, and then starts failing to keep my BG under control. It happens so often, that I got my endo to prescribe my pods be changed every 2 days instead of three, so I get an extra box of pods every three months. I don’t know why it happens exactly - at first I, too, thought it was caused by scar tissue on my abdomen, but then it started happening on my arm as well. I use Humolog, so maybe I’ll speak to my doctor about switching to Novolog.


Hi Cleo1. After talking to a clinician at Insulet, I’ve come to the conclusion that my absorption has degraded and there’s nothing I can do about it but make the adjustment. Fortunately, my prescription is already written to change the pod every two days. It’s strange that it coincided with the change to the dash but perhaps it’s purely coincidental. I also came across a discussion here that talks about this issue. I can only guess that it’s a result of long-term pumping.

Update: I only made it 1 1/2 days this time, at 3am!. It gets worse and worse as time goes on. I still suspect the pods could be the issue, but Insulet disagrees. Fortunately, I am getting 2 replacements from them today and I was able to renew my Rx today so we’ll see what a new lot of pods brings.

Hi Colleen, I was wondering if you found a solution to your problem. I just started on the Dash from the classic a few weeks ago and since I started using the Dash, I’ve had to give myself much more insulin for the basal rate and when I bolus. Thanks!

elainetam, I abandoned the lot I had when I refilled the prescription. I have a different lot number and they seem to be better. Insulet did send me 9 replacements but I found those weren’t very good either and the lot number was the same as the ones I had trouble with. I couldn’t wear them more than 48 hours. I used 3 of them and then got my new order and put those aside. I am out $60 by not using what I had left over but it wasn’t worth it to me to keep using them. The best advice I can give you is to call Insulet and get them replaced. Good luck.

Also I found a post on the FUD forum reporting the same issue.