Omnipod failure rate

We just started pump training with the pod and have experinced at least 8 failures in one month. Sometimes they happen right away, sometimes within two days; we rarely make it to 3 days. It does not seem to be a problem with just on lot because we have used other pods from different lots that Insulet has sent us. We have been told by our diabetic educator that our technique and inexperince is not the problem. Insulet has been great but we are very concerned about the product. Searching the web has shown mixed results on pod failures but our rate seems really high (something like 70%). Is this failure rate common? We are not sure we can committ to this company if the pod is so unreliable. Any thoughts on what might be going on?

The infusion set on the Pod might be the problem. Most people on tubed-pumps go through a few different infusion sets before they find the right one, but the OmniPod only has one set. It seems that people either have loads of failures or they don’t. I would guess that’s what is going on for those who have so many failures.

I have heard that there have been issues with the introducer needle not retracing completely and the PDA has multiple failured. I completely agree that . Most people on tubed-pumps go through a few different infusion sets before they find the right one.
Please understand that I am not “Competetive selling”, since I work for Animas. I am a diabetic first, and an employee second.
We do see many pods returned, and I fight for many a customer, with their insurance companies, to allow the patient to get a new pump; even thought they just paid for an Omnipod. I was in insurance specialist, so please if anyone has questions feel free to ask.
Again, I want you all to know that just because I am an employee of a pump company, I am not biased. Insurances work the same for every pump company, so please ask if you need info.

I don’t know if this is common or not, but at first I had some issues with the Omnipod then as I got more accustom to it they stopped. I also noticed that I had fewer failures when I used my stomach as a site instead of the others they suggested, so thats what I use now - have you noticed if its site specific? I love the pump, so hopefully you can figure out whats going on.

Thank You Kimberly. we are having the same thoughts. Our child is thin and it seems like the pod does not always like arms. We might be swtiching to another pump

Thank you John. We have lots of help and have a good feel from the pump training night of the other options. The company has been very good to us. We would like to stay with the Omnipod if possible but we seem to have more than the usual share of problems. Our next discussion will be about infusion sets so watch for it…

We have had a bit of the same experience. Arms are a real problem. Our child is thin. But we have also seen many other problems. We are really on the fence about making a switch especially since each system has weaknesses. We want to get the most hassle free pump for are child. We know it is an individual decision so we are just trying to get as many facts as possible,

My 11 year old skinny son has been on the pod for 3 months. I had the same concerns at first, we had quite a few issues, pod failures, high bg…but we stuck with it. Here we are 90 days later and I;m so grateful we kept trying! We have found that the pod placement is critical to keeping bg at a good level and also, we definately had a lot of trouble with those skinny arms. We switched to the stomach and upper butt and we have had almost zero failure. His bg has NEVERbeen under such good control, but most importantly he feels FREE! His attitude about diabetes is so much more positive and we’re willing (because of his attitude) to help insulet work out any kinks. The customer service has been unbelievabe, even when I call them at 2 am with wierd concerns. Try to stick with it.

Thanks Peg. It was really helpful to hear from someone who is ahead of us on this wild ride and this was exactly what we were hoping for when we joined. The last month has been very love/hate with the pod which mainly comes from our uncertainty. It seems to be settling down a bit but our big concern, like everyone else, is getting the best machine to get the best health results. Like your son our child loves it and it has improved overall health but as parents we just keep searching and asking to make sure we have done our best.