Omnipod: failure to alarm

Yesterday when I woke up my blood sugar was unusually high (200’s). I took my correction factor and went about my day. I started to feel ill at work…I checked my BS…it was 379!! I took ANOTHER correction factor without any results. I gave myself 2 units of novalog manually. My BS finally began to drop. When I got home and took off the pod, the cannula was filled with blood. No occlusion alarm ever went off. Any ideas or suggestions?

Amy, that is totally weird. I’ve never had that happen. Multiple times I’ve had the occlusion alarm sound and had to change the pod, but it’s always alarmed me. I’d call Omnipod and see what they say. Those are frustrating moments for sure.

Hi Amy,

I would guess the cannula tore loose from the surrounding tissue/fat site, and that the insulin was escaping out the tear, rather than infusing like it’s supposed to. But that’s just my guess.

Cheers, Mike