OmniPod for a teenage girl?

I would like to try the OmniPod but I am worried about how it will look under my clothes. Being a teenage girl, the clothes I wear are fairly tight and I don’t want to have a big lump sticking out, since the OmniPod is fairly bulky. I want to try it but I’m not sure…
Also, is it uncomfortable to sleep on?

My daughter is almost 14 and switched to the pod 3 months ago and absolutely loves it! She was a bit concerned about this too. We use her lower back area mostly - above the top of her jeans and this seems to work out really well and isn’t too noticeable. Most shirts have some stretch to them so it’s not a big deal. We’ve also done the back of her arms. I have an adult T1 friend that wears hers way low in the front lower ab area, even under low rise tighter jeans. It works great for her and the jeans hide it very well. My daughter doesn’t want to put hers there, though.

Other teens at school have responded very positively to the pod. They see it as a really cool gadget. She was always trying to hide her tubed pump, sadly but feels really good about the pod.

Omnipod is very good about letting people do free trials. Call the company and get the name of your local rep. She will let you wear a free sample and use the remote to see if it works for you. I think it’s the best way to really know if it’s a good fit.

My daughter says it doesn’t bother her to sleep on it.

Hope that helps.

You can order a free pod to wear for a few days and see how it feels. I think you have to be 18 so get a parent if you’re not. Most of the time I completely forget it’s on. If you wear skin tight tops you may see a bulge where it sits but you can wear it just under your belt line or up under your bra on your stomach and with the long scrunchy tops it can fall within a fold easily or with the new flowing tops it’s never seen.

I am a 22year old wearing the Omnipod now and LOVE it. In all honesty, you can see it sometimes, but most of the time even with tight shirts it isn’t noticeable. I wear mine on my back, side, and stomach. I am very fashion conscience and still feel comfortable. Definitely try out the demo :slight_smile:

Sleeping, no problems. Really, most of the time I forget im wearing it.

My son has worn the Omnipod for almost a year now, and doesn’t have issues with the “bump”. I think he would have been conscientious about a tubing showing if he started with a traditional pump and like MidwestMommy said, other teens see it as a cool gadget. He wears it on the back on his arms and upper part on thighs where if was noticed there, would look like he had something in his jean pocket. Other features we really like is that you can wear it swimming/showering. He’s been body-boarding with it, we weren’t worried because the pod itself is disposable and we had backup. We like the large screen and that is has a meter built-in. We just started with the Dexcom CGM so an intergration with Omnipod in the future would be great, waiting FDA approval.

He says wont sleep on the side it’s on, if it is on his arms but thigh placement doesn’t matter. He’s never worn it on his abs (Never wanted his shots there either) that was a huge slamdunk for the Omnipod! Worn it lower back, to the side just above jeans but it kept getting knocked by his backpack and chairs. He wears his CGM there now, flatter, not a issue.

Looking forward in the slimmer, 30-40% small pods, but doing fine with these until that time. Some people have issues with pod failures, we have them and they are super annoying if they happen close together, but it would have to be a lot worst for us to want another pump. Must have a couple backup insulin vials at all times because for us, 3-days insulin + cushion is 150units and that is a lot of insulin wasted if pod fails during priming. Only successfully retrived it a hand of times. Feel free to ask any other questions, that we may help. Best of Luck :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of your replies. I think I will definitely try the demo and if I hate it I will look at others, if I love it, great! :slight_smile: