Omnipod frustrations! HELP!

I’ve been using the Omnipod for over a month now and absolutely LOVE it except for one very frustrating thing – whenever I take it off to change it, there is a spot where the canula was that is bigger than what I was getting with the Medtronic 630G and sometimes it is sore and tender. I never had problems with the 630G. I mentioned this to Omnipod support and their only suggestion was skintac to hold it on tighter, but I don’t think that’s the problem. Any ideas? This is driving me nuts! When clothing rubs up against the spots, they hurt for a day or two!

I use medtronic pump, but recently started covering my pump sites with “spot” band-aids, as suggested by an omnipod user (after the change). This may limit the soreness.

Or are you looking for something that limits movement of pod and prevents it? I agree Skin tac might help with that.

There’s a lot more stuff to move around than in a conventional canula+tube system. Tight clothing is bad.

It is possible to use 3M tegaderm patches - I bulk buy these on Amazon, the things, the big ones, cover the whole shebang plus a bit. It prevents the easy wardrobe malfunctions and probably limits the shifting of the pod but I only use them when the thing is about to lob off.

I also use non-standard locations that are not around the belt line; places where I still have fatty tissue after all those years of MDI. I’ve never been able to use locations below the belt; pretty much an instant wardrobe malfunction for me.

All that said, I think it is a limitation of the technology - the tube helps make the canula less prone to interference but, of course, comes with its own set of problems.

John Bowler

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Hey Brad,

When applying the pod, are you pinching the skin a bit before the insertion? I have found over the years that when I forget to pinch it, the canula does not seem to seat as deeply or properly, and I have a bump for a day or so after a pod change. Also - when first applying to the skin, I apply it, and hold it firmly down for about 10 seconds and that really helps with the adherence.

Are you using Fiasp? Some users notice redness at the cannula site that lingered for days or even weeks after a pod was removed, though mine were never sore.

Why? As in, for what reasons?

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Hi, @BradP.

Can you elaborate on the tenderness you sometimes feel? Is it for just a few moments, or does it go on for hours or days?

My son uses OmniPod and has used Medtronic. I will confirm with him his experience. Over the years he has an occasion soreness, but this isn’t a prevailing issue for him.

Is the idea of holding it on tighter to prevent movement? As if the weight of the OmniPod compared to a Medtronic site is agitating the insertion spot?

@Lorraine, still too early to pinpoint what is going on. Most of the time I end up changing it at the 2 to 2.5 day mark because it’s empty. When I take it off, most of the time it comes off fine. But occasionally I see a red dot and sometimes it bleeds. Heals relatively quickly in a day or so. I guess at this point it is more of an annoyance than a frustration as I’ve gotten used to it. I’m still loving the omnipod.

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Hey Brad, have you considered trying U200 insulin in your pods? While you would have to use it off-label until Insulet creates a pod for it, it might allow you to use your pods for the full 72 hours, and it would allow for much smaller boluses since it is twice as concentrated. This might help with some of the skin bumps.

Hey Brad - I love being tubeless on the Omnipod! I will say that sometimes the bump I get after taking it off is also raised and occasionally sore. I’ve had two get infected and have needed antibiotics. Now I religiously add a little swab of tea tree oil over the area after I change sites and haven’t had an issue since. I get the tea tree oil from Trader Joe’s or Burt’s Bees make one in a roller ball. Hope this helps!

This rarely happens to me, but it happened last week. I put it into a new area on my arm and I think there wasn’t enough fatty tissue there. It hurt. It bled and bled when I took it out. There was a large hole upon removal.

I clean my pod spot (before and after) with an alcohol wipe. I add a little tea tree oil to it afterward and that helps me a lot.

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