Omnipod leaking?

Has anyone experienced your pod’s wet near the canula area and strong smell of insulin after a meal bolus? I feel like this tend to happen every now and then. I use to get this when I was on the cozmo (but that was because the canula was coming out a bit) but with the pod I feel like the canula is still in the site. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this?

does it happen often to you? I feel like mine happens too often…

This happened to me once on my first pod, that was almost 2 years ago. If you don’t think the insulin is being delivered properly I would just replace the pod.

I’ve never had it happen (almost 18 months on the oPod), but if I did I’d test BG every hour or two to see if delivery was being affected.

Never has happened to me in 10 months.

This has happened to me too many times. I cannot another pump for another year according to my insurance. It is really affecting my blood sugars. I see a small blood ring around the edges of my canula when I take it out. I have tried pinching up, pushing down, turning upside down and multiple sites, all of which reccomended by my educatot and the omnipod techs. I am at my wits end. I have restarted and discarded pods as many as five in a day until I get one to work. I think I just need a longer canula. Any suggestions.

Not happened to me yet. Though I do notice that some locations seem to cause my BG to run higher than using the pod in other locations. Not sure if it's caused by this. My educator said this is normal, to have some locations that just don't work well.

Happens to me on occasion. More than likely, it's an occlusion that didnt't alarm resulting in insulin leaking around the site.

Is it specific to a certain area on your body?

It has now been ten months since I posted on this subject of insulin leaking from around my pod. I just cannot wear the pods any longer. I have gone into DKA several times because the Insulin is not getting into my body. I have tried changing the pod to a place where there is no scar tissue.(my back) I could not see it there but my blood sugars were my clue that it was not working. It did fine for a few hours and then just quit absorbing. I took several boluses and then I pulled the pod off. I saw the familiar red ring around where the cannula had been. I have been back on MDI for about two weeks. My doctor wants me to try a new pump with a cannula made of metal and longer to go in deeper. I am going to call a rep from Animas and let them check my insurance benefits today. Anyone else having this problem?

I don't have this problem, but possible causes. It's possible you could have an allergy to the cannula material. I believe most, if not all, of the pump companies use Teflon for their canullas. If that's the case, you will either have to stick to MDI or use steel needle insertion sets w/ another pump.

So sorry it hasn't worked out for you. I love this stupid pod.

nope......never had this happen in 3 years

I saw it yesterday. When I removed it the paper and all around the cannula was drenched. Figured I didn't get my final bolus. Planned for a pod change high and bolused with a needle, but still went high.
I can't smell the insulin. You must have a really good nose. :-)

Hi Vicki I’ve only been on the pod since Jan of this year and last two weeks have been awful for me. I just again changed my pod since my bg’s have been running high all day nd bolusing wasn’t helping. It almost as though my sites have become resistant. I’ve also just increased the amount of tape I use to secure pod hopefully this will help. I’m at wits end. I think I’ll call Insulet tomorrow to see if I can get on the immediate list for the new system. I love the system when it works. Does anyone have any suggestions?

After more than ten years of use, this happened this morning. Caleb, bolused for breakfast and noticed dampness by the site. He change the Pod (the cannula had not dislodged) and we watched Dexcom. He started to rise more than normal and we were able to take quick action and keep his blood sugar in good range. But, wow! What an odd thing to happen after all these years!

That is so crazy! I haven’t used this site or heard your name in so long! 10 years, crazy!! I hope Caleb is doing great, he must be a teenager now!!! Wish you and your family a happy new year! :blush:

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About to turn 15! Nice to see you again, @Kenneth_Kellner!!