Canula fine but pod leaking?

I've been an Omnipod user since 2008 when I was diagnosed. I have never had a problem until recently. I've discussed it with the PodPeople, my endo and my CDE to no great success.

My pod leaks insulin when placed anywhere but my left upper abdomen. The canula is properly inserted and there is no redness or blood or anything in the window but by day 2 I start to smell like insulin and you can see where it made the tape wet. My bs by this time are difficult to control and I end up scrapping it and putting on a new one. Does anyone else have this issue? I would think it was me except for on my upper left abdomen I can wear the pod for the full 3 days + 8 hours with no problem and perfect bs.

I have tried putting it on the opposite of how they suggest (vertical on my abdomen and horizontal on my legs and arms) and that has helped a little but hasn't solved the problem completely. I've tried the pinch up method (podpeople recommendation) and also pushing the pod down as it inserts.

As far as prep goes, I just wipe it the area with alcohol, let it dry and put the pod on. For 3 years I've done it that way and it doesn't seem to be working anymore.

If anyone has had this issue, boy I'd love to hear how you handled the situation.


we haven't had that particular problem, all i can think of is the adhesive isn't working as well, have you tried using a skin tac type prep, op fix tape that some people have suggested ( we haven't used it) or a band if placed on your arm. it sounds like it just has to stick on better or maybe the site is tired so to speak and you need to rotate more? thats is all i can think of good luck!

As Jacob's Mom said, maybe it is a site issue. After 3 years, maybe every where on your abdomen, other than that one spot, is tired. There has been lots of discussion about placement options.....people love placing it on their arms, backs, legs. Good luck.

I see that you are female, but do you have fuzz at the difficult sites? I am male and have to shave down every site with a rotary electric razor before putting on a pod.