Omnipod not impressed


We let our daughter make the decision surrounding the tube or tubeless. She is the one wearing it 24/7. We have not had any serious issues. You can have similar issues with Medtronic as you do with Omnipod. Especially with infusion sets. There are times where you will have the “pump failure” where the pump actually stops working. You just have to be prepared for it. I also know that it is a lifestyle that you become accustomed to. Tube or tubeless. My daughter has a friend at school who was diagnosed around the same time and she loves her Medtronic as we love the Omnipod. To each there own right Dave.


Actually, no, Josh one isn’t going to experience issues with infusion sets using MM, if they use steel cannuals, which aren’t available for Omnipod. Cannula sets used to occlude for me as much as twice per week or so. Using Sure-T’s I’ve literally not had more than 2 occlusions in several years. Been using them for roughly 12-15 years, IIRC. So you can’t equate the two brands as having “similar issues”. oh, unless one opts to use a cannula set with Medtronic! :slight_smile:


You are right–it’s a personal choice! What I have been referring to is the fact that there are more issues with failures using Omnipods than Medtronic pumps. I’ve been reading about them since they came out and continue to see a variety of complaints about Omnipods. Having said that, I’ve not any current intention of buying a 630/670 because I don’t particularly like it. I think Medtronic pumps have lost their edge in the last few years. I guess the point that I’ve made, and has been so vociferously rebutted in this forum, is that I like to use things that JUST WORK. That means for me a 530 with steel sets. I have no doubt that if I had an Omnipod I’d be the customer who had back luck with it. I need my pump to work 24/7. When I go to sleep I know it will always infuse my basal. It’s not going to break down every few months or couple of years, of the sets aren’t going to occlude every month or more. I want the UTMOST reliable pump and CGM that I can get my mitts on.


I didn’t know there was a numbing cream! I’m going to ask her doctor tomorrow. Abigail likes them on the back of her arms and her stomach we have done one on her leg and one of her back she was NOT happy with the. She kept saying it hurt. I didn’t think about static. It is winter here. That could very well be a issue: and all it says is pod error insulin delivery stopped. They actually had me send the “bad” pods back whe. They sent me new box. And since we switched boxes everything has been fine and I’m loving it and so is she. We do pinch up what’s I can pinch up on her. And she really likes the back of her arms. But with also having roatate around with Dexcom it’s not always an option. Thank you for your ideas and understanding. Tubeless is really best for her she was terrified of the tubes. And she is only 4. But like I said since we switched to different box everything g has been right on track. And omnipod replaces all pods and the un used ones to.


Steel sets were available for the Ping when my daughter used it. We tried them for a year. She’s been on the t:slim for 4 years & still has scars from the steel sets. She makes sure to keep her sites far away from the scars because the absorption is not good. And no, she didn’t leave sets on longer than she should have.

There is no one perfect treatment, & what works well for one may not work for another. YDMV & all that.


tia, one can develop plenty of scarring from cannula sets. Just ask yours truly! I used them for at least the first 10 years or so. They irritated me, itched me, caused raised angry red welts…then I switched to Sure-T’s and have none of those issues. Go figure! :slight_smile:

So, yeah, I’m agreeing with you–YMMV.


Dave44, I have to say I agree and love my 530 although I don’t use stellar canables, I also still use the enlite sensor and actually do like it. I am used to it and it’s idiosyncrasies, it has a slow lag time at times but I now when I get the arrows it’s lagging and do manual check at them times. I have the settings pretty much spot on at this time and maintain almost flailing 100 during sleep until late afternoon. Only issue is going high a little in late afternoon to evening but that’s due to eating habits, choices.


what was that supposed to be? :slight_smile:


Steel cannulas? lol


I was thinking people who eats the flesh of other human beings, but who are exceptional at it; have the qualities of a star performer; are outstanding.

Stellar cannibals.


Yea I am almost as good at that as I am typing on my phone.:grinning:


It has been a while since I’ve visited the forum. I’m happy to say that we have solved our pump issues. We changed from Humalog to Nova Rapid. We shared our concerns with our daughters doctors. Humalog can become sticky and plug the cannula. This is not the case with Nova Rapid. We love how quickly Nova Rapid activates and has tremendously improved my daughter’s BG’s.