Omnipod placement and positioning for best success

Hi my son had rising blood sugars and a bloody canula yesterday afternoon, we changed his pod. My husband and jacob has placed it on his arm canula facing his elbow. I thought i had read here that canula to the shoulder as much more successful. He is ussually a belly guy with greater success there than other sites but be really needs to rotate. Any ideas on leg success rates, we had tried it over the summer with moderate success but some occlusions, any suggested placement/ positioning ideas for the legs? thanks in advance for you insites!

I have worn it on my calf with success, but I prefer my arms or upper butt where there is fat. My legs are pretty muscular with not much fat and I have had occlusions. Upper butt works well, but I have to be careful when yanking up pants. On my arms I do point the window up. I wear the Dexcom on my tummy, so I don't wear the pods there.