Omnipod question

Is omnipod considered dme or is it handled as part d on insurance. Trying to go to omnipod but wow it is expensive on part d.

I have Blue Cross Blue Shield. It is Dme and it is covered at 80% I pay 20%. The plan is silver proactive

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Thank you so much.

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Here is a link to the omnipod site which deals with medicare. It says under medicare it is covered under part D.

Under my old Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan it was considered DME and I didn’t pay anything for it. I’m on Medicare now and it’s considered Dart D under prescriptions and I have a copay of $40 for a 3 month supply. I haven’t figured out if that’s a set charge for Medicare part D or if my supplemental has kicked in some. The paperwork is screwy and hard to determine that. But I think my supplemental plan is controlling the $40 charge.

Thank you Rick.

Thank you Marie.

Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it.

What part d plan is least expensive. I am on silver script and I will have to pay 300 per month. I can not afford that but there has to be a better plan for me to pick during open enrollment this fall.
Also, does anyone know when the closed loop option comes online with omnipod?