Omnipod question

Looking into “untethered” pumping. Even though I know the dash is tubeless, that’s the only term I’ve read to describe the idea. Anyone have any advice for omnipod dash + MDI Tresiba?

Currently MDI (Tresiba & Fiasp) & G6 Dex

My reason: to insure that I have background insulin if pod fails. As someone who has only been MDI, I believe that is a common concern when switching to a pump, especially after reading about the many pod failures.

To clarify- I would give MDI Tresiba, and use the pod for food bolus. I like to micro bolus with my pens. So I’m just tired of sticking myself 10 + times a day and I often only need half doses to correct and I’m having (well it think it is) absorption problems.

I use fiasp in my inpen now, so I’m guessing I would use fiasp in the pod. From what I’ve read you can set 0 temp basil in the dash.

Any insight would be helpful.

Also, can I loop w the dash? Need to the whole idea. I just know I want tubeless. I live in the US, if that helps.

Thank you🤙

@Laurie_S, I am on the OmniPod for 12 years now. Injecting long lasting insulin as a safety net never crossed my mind. Dexcom is my safety net. If you don’t have a CGM yet, I highly recommend one.


Hi! @Helmut! Thank you.
I do have the G6, just worry about the pod failures, and trying a pump. With my pens, I know they are always reliable.

@Laurie_S, pods are definitely not 100% reliable. I always have a backup plan in mind. If I leave overnight, I always take spare pods with me even if the current pod will not expire before I expect to return. If I can make it home in 6 hours, then I just take the risk. My plan is to not eat anything after a pod failure. I used to always take a couple of syringes and an insulin vial with me. I have just gotten complacent since I never had a problem away from home. It all depends on your lifestyle. I am close to home almost all the time.


@Laurie_S, I was very hesitant to switch from MDI to a pump. My wife helped me to get over the hump. She said: “You don’t have to stay with the pump if you don’t like it.” Realizing that trying OmniPod was not tied to any commitment was key for me.


If you do that, I would suggest reducing your Tresiba to only a portion of your basal needs. That way you can still have some ability to adjust basal.

For example, if you took 50% of your basal from Tresiba, you could then adjust your total basal from the pod’s to be anything from 50% all the way up to whatever higher percentage you needed.

You’d always have 1/2 of your basal in the background as a safety net, but you’d still have the ability to adjust basal a little bit.


I made the switch from MDI. I have made sure I have a couple of bottles of lantus around just in case, but I’ve never really needed it.
When a site fails, I just get a new one. My dexcom will alarm.
I wouldn’t be without insulin for very long.

It was different before cgm. I had a se come out a few times and started into dka.
Even then I was able to correct it.
You can still take injections of humalog if your pump fails too.

I suggest you take a long weekend to make the switch. Where you are home and you have everything you need.

Remember switching is a bumpy road. It takes a while to get the settings right.


@Laurie_S, if you are adventurous, look into OmniPod DIY Loop. It would require that you use the older pod version (Eros) instead of Dash.


I love my Omnipod, but they do fail. But a pump makes it so much easier to give small corrections, extend your bolus, have different bolus rates for different times of the day etc. And also have a different basal rate for different times of the day. But the Dex is the game changer and you get alarms of highs and lows, so a great prevention tool.

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I mean, yeah, occasionally a pod will fail (very rare) or get knocked off. But I just…put a new one on. My son has been on a pump for 13 years and we don’t even keep a long lasting insulin in the house. Again, if a site fails for him, we just change it out. As long as you have a CGM, there’s really no need to do a shot of long-lasting every day.

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Thank you all for your helpful tips and suggestions! I think I just need to get out there and give the dash a try!

@Terry4 Hi!!! I think it’s been a while since we last chatted. I think I read an old post of yours, that you did a similar thing in the past. Do you have any insight here for me?