OMNIPOD site irritation

After the first day on his first pod he had a bit or a red dot that looked sore where the canula goes in. He says he was pushing on the pod a lot to make sure it was in? I told him not to mess with it and by the next morning that area looked not swolen and dry scabbed instead of red and sore. So…do you think I am safe to assume it was from him messing with it and not an allergic problem??? Any pod people out there have this problem if it is messed with or bumped?

Is this the first pump he is on? I only ask because I am wondering if he had problems with any other injection sites. I will say that messing with it can irritate the area. Sometimes you hit a blood vessel just right and it causes the site to bleed a little or become sore.
We found that placing the site on top of the buttocks or on the thighs is a great place. It is hidden under the pants and hard to mess with. Plus these make great locations to receive his meds. We use the left and right buttocks and then the left and right upper thighs in that order.
I would only worry if it continues to happen.

He must have bumped/messed with it too much. Today we took it out and the dried up blood that thought was a scab just wiped off. This is his first ever. Now his second one seemst to bother him if he moves his arm in different ways. Will leave it on unless he complains too much…maybe what ever he “hit” will get used to it? It didn’t look infected when I wiped the site so that is good news.

We tried the arm and to be honest, Tyler hated it. It seems to me as though it would be awkward. Try the top of the buttocks, in the fatty part, next time and see if that makes a difference. It does not seem to hurt on the injection part and once they are dressed the pod disappears.

My son’s jeans would rub it too much? He wears them kinda low cuz he still has some belly. He is 15 and 6’ 200lbs. He had to take out that pod. He was running out of units and we want it to be where the changes don’t happen at school. They give 5 extra pods and then some cuz they have him listed as needing 2-3 days before changes.
He seems to really want to wear it on his arm. The second one we put on went right into a nerve we think. It hurt going in and if he moved a certain way it sent a shock of pain through him. Called Omnipod and they said if he couldn’t stand it to remove and do a new one. She told me the pinch technique to make sure it gets in the right tissue. He is fine now and now pod#3 is doing fine. We were more relaxed for this one too. I think he was really tensed up maybe that caused it?

i slept on mine alot… i’m wondering if that was why it was so sore… good luck

I have this same effect using Omnipod. I asked the Insulet educator about this, because often it seems that the insulin I administer via the PDM doesn’t take effect in me for quite a while, and when I take it off, I pretty reliably have a sort of a welt. Which has led me to wonder if it’s really a pool of insulin which doesn’t absorb well, given it keeps being administered in exactly the same spot. Versus with MDI, where I never welted at injection points. And they obviously moved around. With Omnipod I’m worried about developing permanent bumpy / welty skin and limb. Uck

I am medium in my judgment of the pump so far. For me, fiddling with the PDM constantly is way more work than was injecting 5-8 times a day. I fiddle with the PDM much more frequently than that, my body’s required “basal” is not constant, and requires multiple both boluses + basal adjustments daily, to stay even (tons of testing + Dexcom). I really envy folks who can use one basal, and not change it unless they are sick. That’s definitely not me.

And so costly! I see it as an expensive way to hold insulin much more than to deliver insulin. I really think I have more highs + lows, costing me way, way more time and effort, than with MDI.

For me, the secret to success is really the Dexcom, way, way more than by pumping.