New to the Pump, need some advice please =)

Hello all, I'm fairly new to the Omnipod Insulin Pump and am hoping you guys can help or relate.

1. I've been changing my site areas and have started to notice on my right leg that when I remove the Pod the area's really swollen and red and then leaves a permaneant scar there. But when its on my left leg its the opposite affect no scars and no irritation. When its on my left side of my tummy it's super uncomfortable and theres a small cramp the whole time BUT when its on my right side of my tummy it doesn't bother me at all. Whats the deal with that has anyone else experienced that??? And yes I thorougly clean the site area with alcohol wipes.

2. If you've had little scars left behind from a Pod site what have you done to get rid of the scars?? Mederma I was thinking but i'd like to know what you think?

3. last for now, has anyone found a better type of band to cover the pod other then the company "bands for Life" I just really don't like there material.

thanks for reading this I truly look forward to hearing all your responses,


1. I get reactions on my thighs, but not on my stomach, arms or back. I also now know the nerve patterns on my stomach. You'll know when you hit a nerve on insertion, but sometimes you can get close to a nerve and by the 3rd day it can cause a kind of dull pain. Everyone is different and each part of your body is different. You just have to learn where it works and where it doesn't.

2. I at most will have a red dot that hangs around for a week or so. I usually just cover the spot w/ a little round bandaid after pod removal and within a day it's healed. If the area is swollen or bleeding or something like that, I put neosporin on it and leave that on for a few days. I don't have any actual scars from pod insertions, though. I'm in my 3rd year of podding.

3. I have no idea what you're talking about here. I just slap a pod on and go. If the adhesive starts to come off, I just put some waterproof medical tape on it.

Enjoy! I love my pod and have had very, very few problems. Hopefully you'll have a good experience too.

Hi Kim,

Wow 3 years on the Pod I totally want to pick your brain haha. I just started it in february. Thanks for the advice alot I really appreciate it.

The 3rd thing I mentioned about the Bands its sort of like an ace wrap but with velcro. my problem is that when i wear it on my legs if I pull my pants down to quickly I almost rip the Pod off by mistake same thing with my arms. i find myslef stretching out my clothes to avoid mnocking it off me. So thats why i was asking if anyone knew of anything like that.

I have another quick question for you I'm finding that I'm losing some sleep becaus eif i turn on the side my Pod is on I'm not comfy at all does that get easier in time?

I rarely notice the pod when I sleep. Sometimes when it's on my arm, I'll have to adjust. Once I've fallen asleep, though, it doesn't wake me up.

Have you joined the Omnipod group here? It's pretty much THE place to get info and suggestions on the pod.