I had to order our 3rd omnipod pdm today. My Grandaughter just started with this insulin pump on Monday and we have had nothing but problems with buttons not working on the pdm. This is unbelievable!

When you get a new PDM, go through all the programming and make sure the buttons work well and don’t stick. If it sticks, call support and get a new one sent. They will gladly send you replacements until you get one you are happy with. Once you get one you are happy with, it will work fine for you.

I had one replaced because I didn’t like the feel of the buttons, they were not as responsive. I got it swapped and I was happy with the new one.

I have been on it now so long, they have sent me 2 new ones due to “Out of Warranty” and they are still sitting in boxes - I have never had so much as a single issue with mine - I’d say they need to look at that lot number and find out who did QC and signed off on them.

This week I was sent my first replacement (because the internal battery on my old PDM was starting to die), and the power button was very unresponsive. I called today and a new one was delivered within 90 minutes. It works perfectly.

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