? on Gen4 / Unexpected response on Seven+

I'm still using Seven+, and for a while had very few ???, and typically getting 14 days/sensor. But my last 3 sensors each had a couple 1-2 hour periods with ???, but worked ok once the readings came back.

This morning, on day 16 of current sensor, I again got ???. After 10-15 minutes, and because I did a meter test anyway, I decided to enter the BG reading on Dexcom. Within minutes, ??? disappeared, and the dexcom showed readings. Was this just a coincidence ? It's been working great since.

Has anyone else ever entered BG calibration when ??? was showing, and have it 'work' ? (Before today, I would just wait it out.)

For those using Gen4 - have you had more / less ??? on Gen4 compared to Seven+ ?

I was told by the Dexcom tech guy that if you get the ??? and enter blood sugars it "confuses" more than it helps. I have had the ??? 3 times with the G4 and it has always resolved after an hour or less. One time it happened in the middle of the night, and I just rolled over and went back to sleep, it was gone in the morning.

I've had two sensors on the G4 that had the ??? start happening after about day 8-10. Usually it goes away within 2-3 hours but often comes back later on. Did have one that I gave up on after about 3-4 hours and replaced. I think that was literally on day 7 or 8. Only once have I had a sensore show ??? during the first week of use.

I had been told the same, which is why I normally didn't enter the calibration.

For many months I had Seven+ w/no ???, so was surprised when I had 3 sensors in a row that did, and usually in the night.

I'm sorry to hear the G4 is having so many ???. I was expecting 0-1 per month, at most.