Once a diabetic, always a diabetic?

Is diabetes like alcoholism? I have been reading another discussion and see that people can be taken off of the meds. I have been told that if I lose weight and change my lifestyle I can reverse the diabetes. Does this mean I will no longer be diabetic? I get different answers from my doctor and my specialist. One says I can reverse it and not worry about it anymore if I take the necessary precautions. The other says once you are diabetic, you are always diabetic, like being an alcoholic. The Endocrinologist says it is a lifetime disease, and that once you are affected, you will always be a diabetic. I tend to believe her over the general practitioner. Does anyone have thoughts about this? Has anyone else been told you can reverse it and no longer be a diabetic? Thanks!!! Chris.


Diabetes is genetic in origin, though lifestyle choices may help express those genes more energetically.

People who tell you you can “reverse” diabetes are usually selling products, books, or ignorant.

You can be a person with diabetes in excellent control, but if you have been diagnosed with diabetes you are not going to lose the genes that cause it.

Plus a lot of us have lost a LOT of weight without seeing any change in our diabetes. I sure did.

I keep in control by monitoring my post meal numbers and keeping them under 140 mg/dl at all times and under 120 mg/dl as much as possible, and that means that 10 years after diagnosis, I don’t have complications. If I eat 30 or 40 g of carbohydrate with out insulin, I most definitely will spike a diabetic blood sugar. I just don’t do that any more.

Listen to your endo. You may get things under control but try eating 1/2 a pizza and having great blood sugars for the next day or 2.

There is no cure for diabetes (yet). But you can control it by meds and/or exercise and/or diet and/or weight loss. Just think of the combination of the above that works for you as your prescription for controling it.

Dear Chris.

Listen to the specialist. Diabetes is for life unless now with G. Bush leaving us and stem cell research may resume, so there is possibly hope for the distant future. If it would be possible to grow your own pancreas cells, there are techniques developped in Canada to implant them in your body. Diabetes is all out war, any slacking off and you loose. The best thing to do is to loose weight by change of lifestyle: low carb diet and lots of exercise. Is you can stand metformin that is not a bad idea. Do whtever it takes to stay off insulin which is a nightmare situation. Best of luck.

I’m on the Metformin now, 500mg twice a day, and my highs aren’t so high anymore, usually in the 180’s, so I’ll take that. But, even with the Metformin, my fasting is still above 130 and my lowest readings nevr get below 100. I guess Ishould be happy about that though. I have my fingers crossed that our new leader will step up and make things happen for us! Take care and thanks for the response!!!

I’ve wondered about this too. I am watching carbs, and they tripled my metformin to 2000mg a day plus amaryl, which has bought me below to an average around 140 (from an avg high of 350+). Still no one is telling me if I lose weight it would go in remission. I’ve been a bit surprised about that though the endo is very focused on exercise and diet. She is just pleased that I have upped the exercise and changed my diet. I am curious as to what BG and other test results indicate the possibility. Does anyone know?