One Touch Blue test strips

Has anyone seen these strips before? I picked up 100 strips at the pharmacy last week and received the regular “One Touch Ultra” strips (pictured on the left). When I picked up the remainder of my Rx on Wednesday, I received these new “One Touch Ultra Blue” strips (on the right).

The insert inside says "new look," or something along those lines. Too bad they're not "One Touch Pink" instead!

they’re cute :slight_smile:
I wouldn’t mind any change,I really want to change mine,those teststrips suck(optioum exceed).

Yep, been using those strips for a couple of months now. They seem to not take quite as much blood as the other strips did. Other nice thing is that they are all coded 25. Set your meter to that and no more coding!!!

I never realized how much blood the older One Touch strips really needed to get it to work, until this past week when I opened an older box and really had to milk my finger.

Yup! Those are the ones I have ! (I had to check haha)
They are coded 25 from now on. Wicked convenient

I thought they looked like they require less blood (the space for blood is smaller). I still have some of the old kind to get through.

Not having to code is nice, but what annoys me is being prompted by the meter to code after every 25 strips. I waste a few strips now and then by not looking at the monitor and not noticing it hasn’t beeped to say “apply blood” and adding blood anyway. I’d be happy to see the end of that feature.


Wow. That does seem inconvenient! My meter from MiniMed doesnt prompt a code entry unless I ask it to.

Kaiser is still going through it’s old stash. The strips are great. I finally have a strip that takes a lot less blood and sucks it up in about .25 the time. They suck… really well. I can’t wait to use them in the heat so see if they don’t clog like the old ones sometimes did. The other improvement I like is that they don’t stick together in the bottle and come out all clumped together.

Interesting story about how they came up with 25, as told by a rep. The factory found that after some production improvements they were seeing all of he strips calibrate at 25, that is great quality control. So, there ya go, they now are all 25…kind of by accident as a result of other manuf improvements.

i’ve been using these colored strips for 3-4 months now. i like them!! it made testing interesting for a few days haha. what i didn’t know is that they are all coded 25. i noticed that they were all the same lately but i just thought it was all one batch from the pharmacy because several similar codes on back to back boxes hasn’t been uncommon for me in the past.

i just had two stick together last night, like they weren’t cut completely through.

yeah the blue ones. they weren’t sticking together face to face like the old ones did but end to end by the corner.

Not to be too suspicious, but is this not just some technique to keep a patent on their test strip technology?

I didn’t even think of that, but you might be right Kristin.
I really like these new ones better, too bad I still have about 150 of the old ones to go through.

not for me. i love one touch. i’ve tried other meters and haven’t cared for them much. i’ll probably be a one touch “lifer” no matter what color the strips are or if coding is involved or not.

That is an interesting thought. I don’t mind the coding - love the One Touch Meters as well. So, coding doesn’t bother me.

Great they changed the color!!! When do they make them cheaper???

My thought exactly :wink:

I had the blue strips when I used the Ultra Mini and they still clumped together. Now I have the accucheck with the drums of 17, a lot easier to use and only need a tiny bit of blood.

lol i agree!!

I love em!!! No more coding, no more worries about coding when the wife goes to get a box and mixes the canisters, oh and yeh the blue things look pretty nifty. Ok, not enough to pick up women or anything, but pretty niffty.

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