One touch ping meter

I've been using a one touch ping with an animas pump for a while now, but have recently been getting wild blood sugar readings. Has this happened to anyone else? One night I began jerking in my sleep and my husband woke me up and checked my sugar. The meter read 125. He wasn't convinced so he rechecked and I was 40. Similarly, today I tested two times in a row to calibrate my CGM and one reading was 160 and another was 270!!! I've contacted Animas and they replaced one meter and the second meter gave me terrible results also. Any other meters more accurate?

Thanks for your input,

I’ve had inconsistent readings with onetouch, but honestly the only times I’ve seen variations are dramatic as you mention here is when there’s good residues on my hands and I don’t wash them before testing

Food residues that is (iPhone)

I agree with Sam that it sounds like food residues. I've never been a fan of One-Touch and greatly prefer Freestyle strips and meters. I find Accucheck meters OK but not that great.