One Word for diabetes


Well, I have a couple of words… :)One word to describe diabetes.
Turtles! Stubborn.
Everyone says we’re shaped like apples. I beg to differ!
Turtles are round like apples; but we have “thick” shells.
We’re resilient! We live long and sometimes prosper.
No one tells us where to go or how fast to get there.
We can take our own time doing it.
We’re strong! Some turtles can snap off large sticks or other things very quickly for being such “slow” creatures.
We actually carry our own kind of beauty. Our colors are many shades of green. ( this includes yellow,orange and red.)
When we eat foods of our “natural” choice; we’re healthy!
When fed other green foods… we become dependent slaves to a new taste bud. That new taste bud is what will kill a turtle for lack of nutrition.


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