One year in

Over a year ago I was diagnosed with type 1, following a series of unrelated events that lead me to ask my doctor for a blood test. Random or God driven, (haskah pratit) either way, my diagnosis came just 2 weeks shy of my 26th birthday. How weird, to have juvenile diabetes at the starting point of adulthood.

At diagnosis my a1c was 6.1% and my fasting blood sugar was 127.
The irony is that those numbers aren’t even so bad.
Mid way through the year, my a1c was 5.3%.
Yesterday, a year past diagnosis, my a1c was 5.77% - just outside of the normal zone of 5.7% - and higher than I expected it to be. I feel like I got a B+ for what I thought was A+ work; the constant metering and injecting… For a number not quite where I want it to be.

I'm wildly jealous of your extra A1C digit. I only ever get 2 #s. I think it's great that your goals are lower than what doctors in the US rx. What are they recommending for you in Israel? I know that country is on the forefront of a lot of medical technologies and perhaps there's a lower goal with your extra digit? I'd say great job but keep hitting it. 5.2 but I don't know what my extra digit is :-(

Hahaha I feel like the gave me that extra digit so I could see that I was borderline - in Israel, the ‘normal range’ (for non-diabetics) goes up to 5.7%. I’ve seen bloodwork in the States that puts that high at 6.1% - totally different! I think that I’ve been trying to keep my goal under my diagnosis number…

I just read your intro, and you’ve got to let me in on two secrets:

  1. How did you figure out how many g’s of carbs to eat to run safely? I’m at 35g’s for 3.5k/30min and I feel like as I approvh 5k that number is going to go up up up…

  2. How did you make the push down to 5.2?

If I only had a pump! I think the pen is too inaccurate to get those numbers, as I don’t take insulin for anything less than 20g!s of carbs. Womp womp.